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Hi girls , didn't expect to be writing this as have only ever been to due date once before , this is my 5th . 

Have tried everything I can think of to bring on labour naturally , birth ball ,sex , raspberry leaf tea , oils , walking  , almost looking forward to contractions as I've forgotten what they feel like , the braxton hicks are doing my head in n I think I may never go into labour ( I know I wont be feeling like this when they actually start ) 

Does anyone have any suggestions for what to try , I know the baby will come when s/he is ready but it feels like it's taking forever , thanks girls , look forward to your suggestions x x 


  • Funny you say that ....having one tonight ....hadn't really thought of it , thank you x 

  • Apparently acupuncture is good. My friend did it and went into labour a few hours later. I booked an appointment but had to cancel as contractions started and baby was born later the same maybe just the thought of it did the trick.
  • Ooh I second the acupuncture too.

    Nobody really understand why it works but it has a very high success rate.

    You'd need to find a reputable practitioner preferably specialising in reproductive health.

    I think anything that might irritate the gut and trigger the uterus is good but go careful because if you are already on the brink it might be quite unpleasant having the runs during labour.

    A friend if mine did th castor oil thing after her sweep and thinks it helped. ?
  • I tried everything with my first and the only thing that seemed to do anything was sex but can't say anything really budged her sorry - hope it happens for you soon x
  • I got told by the midwife walk up and down the stairs sideways but be careful when doing this so you dont trip. It can apparantly help bring on labour.

    Good luck xx
  • Heya!

    I read somewhere that oral sex can help induce labour as the prostaglandins (sp?) is absorbed better through the gut than just through the cervix... didn't work for me lol but hey worth a shot?

    Hope you don't have to wait too much longer! xx

  • Haha my husband would love that suggestion sb , image think I might hide this post from him image also tried walking up n down stairs sideways - apparantley rocks the pelvis , saw midwife again today n did a better s n s , head was lower , managed to get all the way round n give the membranes a good sweep ,

    Not sure where I would find an accupuncturist , They're few n far between in Cornwall n would probably have to book a month in advance , 

    Will settle for bouncing on the ball , n might try a bit of reflexology , know somewhere that does that .... maybe worth a try , thanks for the replies girls x x 

  • How are you getting on evemum? Leaning forward and bouncing on the ball caused my waters to break. Hopefully baby is already here and you don't need the tip.

  • Good luck!!! Xx
  • Hope everything has/is going well! X
  • good luck with everything!xx

  • Hi

    I'm sure evemum won't mind me saying but she delayed her induction until this morning.

    She was going in for 8am so don't worry - she hasn't been in labour for 48 hours.image
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