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Metallic taste/nausea

Hey ladies, Last night and today I've had a really strong metallic taste in my mouth and today woken feeling like crap. Very tired, nausea, low energy and bit of backache and cramps on and off. The energy change is marked since the past few days I've been cleaning a lot and bouncing around. I could just have overdone it I suppose but I feel pretty ropey as if I am coming down with something. Has anyone else experienced the metallic taste during labour or is this purely hormones at the end of pregnancy or just feeling a bit sick? I've not come across it before although I remember I felt sick with my induction.


  • Hey! I remember the day I went into labour last time that I felt pretty rubbish (and fed up!) and couldn't settle at all, but not sure on the taste. Hope it's labour signs for you though and baby's here very soon!

  • I didn't have the metallic taste but I did clean the whole house from top to bottom the day before. I hope it's a good sign for you.
  • Hi hun , think early pregnancy symptoms can recur towards the end of pregnancy , have been feeling abit sicky myself , hope it's not much longer for you x x 

  • Thanks ladies.

    I'm sure it's all wishful thinking and reading too much into things.

    Luckily feeling a bit better. Still pretty tired but suddenly got an appetite again. image
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