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Hello due date!

Hi ladies, Well today I am officially 40 weeks pregnant. With my first born I was amidst a not so pleasant induced labour at this point. He arrived at 40+1 via emcs in the end. I had a stretch and sweep on Thursday from my consultant and it stirred some contractions that were quite niggly on and off. Apparently on Thursday I was 2-3cm dilated and cervix very favourable. The consultant doesn't think we will get to 42 weeks but said if we did they could break my waters instead of going straight for c section. ( I'd really like a vbac but not allowed chemical induction due to risk of scar rupture). I've lost a few weeny bits of plug over the last 2 weeks but this morning lost a huge piece. (Sorry for tmi but it's the most promising sign I've had). I definitely think things must be dilating further if I've lost a good bit more. I think they say labour sinister 24-48 hours away once you have a proper show. Fingers crossed. Baby has had a tendency to be back to back but using the birth ball and leaning forward and going in all fours has really helped. I hope it stays forward. feels like an achievement to get this far and I hope how it's not too long a wait. With all the false labour etc it feels as though I've been waiting 3 weeks already.image My husband told me on Friday that he wasn't going back to work (because baby would be here by Monday). Eek ! Think he might be a little disappointed unless something happens tonight and so he can't go in. Logistically lo is in nursery tomorrow so it would be a bit easier if it started overnight and then we go to hospital in the morning. We can then call someone to pick him up so we don't have to worry. I hope everyone is enjoying heir babies and those of is left are managing ok too. NewmrsM good luck for Wednesday!


  • Awwww good luck hun baby will b with u soon x

  • Good luck tulip. I lost my plug in dribs and drabs and then a big bloody show 48 hours after my sweep and I wasn't even 1cm dilated when I had the sweep. Fingers crossed it will all happen naturally for you today.
  • keeping every thing crossed that things start tonight for you image 

  • Well midwife went well.

    Had another stretch and sweep. I'm still 2-3 cm but now fully effaced. Baby has also gone and fully engaged and is at 'the spines' in my pelvis. Cervix still slightly posterior but she said there is no bulging bag of waters so the head is making goud contact.

    All positive and she thinks its unlikely I will make next weeks appointment.

    But if i do we do another sweep and book a further sweep during that week and also induction (breaking waters) for the Sunday, 6th July.

    Apparently second babies don't usually engage until just before labour so we will see.

    Trying not to be too hopeful but excited.
  • Fingers crossed tulip. I was only 3/5 engaged on the Tuesday when I had the sweep and 50% effaced and he came 2 days later and pretty quickly so you're looking good. Gp x
  • I was still 3/5 engaged when they broke my waters and didn't need any of the gels, etc. to induce me, they went straight in and broke them... Fingers crossed you don't have to wait too much longer x

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