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Our bundle has arrived!

Hi ladies, Our beautiful little girl Ivy arrived yesterday morning. We had a day of contractions on and off on wedbesday and once my son was tucked up in bed it all began. We got to hospital around 11.35pm. Was 3cm, had a trace and then felt the urge to push around 1.45am Thursday morning. She arrived in the birth pool after only intermittent gas and air and just 19 minutes! A very swift and intense end. But I was overjoyed to catch her myself and hold her and discover she was a girl. Beautiful moment. Thanks for all the supportive posts recently. image It's lovely to see most of our June babies here safe and sound. Xx


  • Congratulations hun so glad it went well and she's here safe and sound. Glad it was a much better experience for you than last time too ... Enjoy you snuggles with Ivy x
  • Congratulations on the arrival of Ivy image I'm really pleased to see you got your vbac sounds like you done amazing.

    Hope your home and well enjoying your family image xxx
  • Congrats hun! X

  • Fantastic news tulip. I'm so glad Ivy is here safe and sound and you had a swift end. I love the name. Congratulations x
  • Congratulations! Glad it went well and you got your vbac.. Beautiful name, too! image x
  • Huge congratulations my lovely , couldn't be happier for you , knew you could do it , a memory to treasure forever x x x 

  • Thank you ladies. image

    Very pleased we got the vbac and I never dreamed we would deliver in the water. I feel like it was a dream. Not quite real yet.
  • Huge congrats Tulip. I have been checking to see your news. Lovely name x x x
  • congrats tuliprose. was chatting to you nearer the beginning of your pregnancy, haven't been on in ages and just found your news. your birth sounds so lovely, glad ivy is safely here. We had our first boys at the same time. Im 33 weeks with number 2 and hoping for a birth like yours! hope you are enjoying being a mummy of 2 xx


  • Thank you ladies.

    Alfie yes I remember you. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

    Spongebobby - thanks lovely. How are you going??
  • Do you remember me too TulipRose from the early days of Due in June?

    I've been keeping my eye on you since I realised you were overdue. Huge congratulations!! Very lovely name xx

  • We are really good thanks. Jasper is 6 months now and I can't believe how different he is to Ollie!

    So glad you got your vbac and in water too!

    Would love to see a pic when you get chance x
  • Peewee yes I remember you! Hope you are well.

    Sponge bobby I will try to post a photo when next on the laptop. I'm usually on my phone and you can't upload from phones.

    Wow 6 months old! Time flies! Hope they get on ok.

    Connor is besotted with Ivy. He's fascinated and keeps asking to hold her and see her. I'm sure it won't akways be so easy but it's a good start for them. So happy to have given him a sibling.

    And yes I was very excited I got to use the pool. Did a lot of prep though and it was agreed in my birth plan from senior midwife. But I cried when I saw it in the room! image
  • Huge congratulations Tulip, lovely to hear Ivy arrived safely with much less hassle than her big bro in the end. Similar age gap to my girls (21 mths) & it gets easier with time (Samantha starts school in September & Hannah will be at nursery come January, free time for Mummy, what will I do with myself, LOL).

    Time does fly so enjoy every little moment of it. Best wishes & catch up again soon. Xx

  • Congratulations on your fantastic news image such a beautiful name image xx
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