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Breast feeding

Hi ladies , long time no speak , I forgot how much time a new baby took up .. so so in love with her ....  just a quick question ,, I am fully breast feeding n was hoping to use it as a method of contraception , I also had what I think was my period last week Tues til today , bit early for me tbh , with my other 4 they didn't return til 7-8 months , I didn't bleed for very long post partum , 2-3 weeks , usually 6 weeks for me , Any way my question is can I use bf as contraception if periods have returned as I think the term for this method is lactation amonneroeah (or sumat like that image ) n doesn't that mean lack of periods , sorry to ramble , hope it makes sense ..thanks in advance x x  


  • NO! Unless you don't mind another one soon, definately use another form of contraception! It can reduce your fertility, and in the past when we weren't as well fed as today it did usually work as a contraceptive..........but definitely not reliable in any way!!!!!!!!!


  • No hun lol! Unless u secretly want anotherimage I'm on the pill but really bad at taking it. Secretly hoping it fails one day lol x

  • OK  thanks girls , not sure which to use , mini pill for breast feeding but have had suspected dvt inn the past n have high bp , don't like the thought of the coil , would like another 1 day but Charlotte is #5 , n I'm 43  so really should call it a day but feel sad to think I will never be pregnant or give birth again , will just use the old faithful condoms in the meantime I think , is it normal for periods to return so soon ?

     Haha Louisa , have you not managed to talk dh round yet ,you've got plenty of time hun how is Lexie getting on ? x x

  • I'm just planting a seed lol somedays he sounds keen others not so! She's great can't believe she's almost 7 months old x

  • Hi Louisa , haven't been on here for absolutely ages , don't know if you will pick this up or even if you still post here , just wanted to say hi , hope you're well ,be lovely to hear from you x x 

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