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Keeping the secret!

Omg it's sooooo bloody hard keeping it a secret!! Want to jump and shout from the rooftops "I'm pregnant wahoooooo"!!!!!!

So.... Who have you told or are you waiting until your 12 week scan? We told family today, theyre over the moon! image xx


  • We have told both sides of parents and my 2 best friends.  Going to be hard to hide it next weekend coz its my 30th birthday and everyone will ask why im not drinking x

  • Awww congratulations! It's such an amazing feeling to find out you're expecting and it feels great telling everyone!

    My advice is not to tell anyone, except close family and perhaps a best friend. We told all our family at about 5/6 weeks because we just couldn't wait. Unfortunately we lost our bean shortly afterwards and was horrible telling everyone the bad news and dealing with the "I'm sorry's" and "we're here for you's" althouyou it's good to have the support I suppose.

    Good luck to all xx


  • Ilovemygirls - during an evening out this week I had soda and lime all night - looked like vodka lemonade and lime!! No one questioned it and when I had a drink bought for me I accidentally put it down and forget about then!!!! Then sneak off to be bar and get abother soda and lime!! image sneaky!! Happy 30th for next week, mine is in dec so I'll have a huge bump by then!! xx

  • Happy 30th. Are you a Leo as well then? Mines next Wednesday, going to be 25. Luckily not having a party or anything, just going to the zoo for the day

    we have told only family and few close friends. We told them last time and was grateful for the support so we decided to tell them again. 

    It's so hard not to tell anyone. My bug bear is going to be keeping it from work as last time they went a bit funny with me. X


  • Thats a great idea n30, think I will try that.

    Thanks messy, yes I am a leo my birthday is on the 28th. Have a great birthday too. Have you booked your scan yet? I booked mine for sat 3rd aug when I will be about 7w 3d.

    D2badaddy. Im so sorry for your loss, I had 2 mc's b4 my 1st dd and it was horrible x

  • We have told our immediate families and our 3 sets of closest friends.we have been trying for 2 1/2 years and were about to start fertility treatment so they all knew about that so we had no problem in telling them as they have supported us through everything already

    FInding it so hard not to say anything at work. I work for a sales company and look after 2 top performing sales guys so I often get given the smaller prizes they win like alcohol and chocolate. I've always been known to take the alcohol so I've raised a few eyebrows by taking chocolates  the last 2 times.


    waiting till 12 week scan to tell anyone else. 

  • Hi ladies,

    hoping everyone is ok? Sorry not been around for a while but not been feeling great and had a stressful week!

    had an early scan on Wednesday which was all ok thank god except that I've got an cyst on my right ovary, also had my mw booking in on Tuesday, also all ok.

    We've told both sets of parents and one set of close friends. I've also told a few of my close girlfriends too and work cos I'm showing quite a lot. I've got a stressful job so they need to know as ill need to have a risk assessment and will have lots of appts due to my history so can't keep being late for work without a good excuse so it was just easier to tell them.

    its hard to know what the right thing to do is but everyone has to do what's right for them as I've also had bad things happen to me in the past baby wise and other very traumatic life events and I really think it helps if some close friends/family are aware as sometimes you need them even if you think you don't. It is hard to hear all the sorrys etc but for me it was better than nothing.....

    Anyway try and keep well everyone, so nice that we have our proper forum now.

    love and hugs to all including all the new peeps and bubbas image 

  • Ilovemygirls. Thanks and no not booked it yet thinking of waiting until 8 weeks so that would be anytime after the 11th. Really tempted to book a six week one just to put my mind at ease but not sure if should or not. Everyone keeps telling me not to worry as I am even having dreams that I come on and it's all over.

    Desp2b sorry for your loss. Hope things work out well for you. 

    SoHappy Aww so glad everything was fine. If the doctors weren't worried about the cyst then hopefully it won't cause any problems. How far are you now? 

    Babybaby I know the feeling about work. Last time I told them very early because I get on with my manager. But she went a bit funny with me then all the others bosses did as well. I think because they bothered about having to train someone up again as I only been there since September last year





  • Sorry phone wouldn't let me post anymore

    Good idea n30 its lucky you don't drink alcohol pops as that would definitely been harder to hide lol 

    messy x



  • Hi everyone I just got my bfp after last yr having to mc so I'm not telling anyone yet well except for the support I get on this forumimage I hope you don't mind me jumping in to the convo. I saw Ilovemygirls here and she was on a different topic I follow.
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