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Team pink, blue or yellow???

Hi ladies, just wondering... I know it's a while off until the 20 week point but who is planning on finding out the sex or who's going for the surprise? 

With my son, I was team yellow and LOVED not knowing, it really added to the excitement! However now with baby no 2 we are planning to find out pink or blue so we can get our son used to the idea of having a brother or sister! He's only 2 but is making it clear he only wants a sister, not a brother! Hmm could be interesting if we end up team blue!! xx


  • Had to know as im so impatient, this is our first. Would be so happy either way but team blue for us due in jan 2014! i had my suspicions. Cannot wait. 

  • I think we're team pink but we still have a while to wait until we can find out.  Definitely going to ask to know the sex so we can plan the nursery etc.  we'd be happy either way though xx

  • We are going to find out, we found out with my son and I enjoyed thinking of him as a little boy in there. This time I want to know if I need to buy new clothes or not! I have boxes and boxes of Thomas' old clothes and want to sort them one way or another! My 20 week scan is October 14th so fingers crossed that's when we will know! X
  • Oh and Thomas is 2 as well and keeps saying its a sister and he wants a sister! If only these boys knew what girls were like they would change their minds and go for brothers I am sure!! X

  • Yeah a surprise sounds nice but I'm just too impatient! I find out sat morning eeeeeek hoping team blue x

  • We're gonna wait, I love surprises and would hate to accidentally find out! 

      I just think that moment when the baby is born will be amazing boy or girl so I'd love the suspense of not knowing right until the last second! I'm so excited but still a long way off!
  • We are waiting too! I think it will be nice to have that suprise after all the hard work! Plus My hospital wont tell you what it is even if they know and im refusing to pay £80 just to find out when ill find out in the end anyway!

    I have a gut feeling that its a boy have done since we found out! I'm just hoping for a healthy baby, the bf changes his mind! 1st he said he wanted a girl then last week he said that he had thought aboout it and it would be better if it was a boy, All his siblings have produced boys 1st and he says he will be a failure if his 1st born is a girl! (hes Muslim and boys are seen as good for the family!) We have broken all other 'traditions' so may well with this one too! wait and see!

    It would be so much easier to know tho so you can have all the pinks or blues ready for arrival i hate neutral stuff!

  • Naaatakes tell him it takes a real man to make a girl x

  • Think we are going to find out. We have a little boy who'll be 3 in January, so will be nice to get all sorted and see if we can use his blue clothes that we kept from when he was a baby imageimage

  • I think it takes a strong person to wait till the birth and I would love to be able to do it but as you say, if I'm having another girl I wana get all her old stuff out the attic n if its s boy wait people ready to buy it do I can get blue stuff. I absolutely refuse to spend a fortune on cream stuff that I know 110% I won't use as will want baby in colours when it arrives! I've git heaps of cream stuff upstairs that's on ever even been unfolded once removed from the packaging! 

  • Think we will find out too. We have two girls and I'm already getting bored of the 'I bet you want a boy' comments! x

  • I'm so desperate for a boy everyone keeps saying they think its s boy but I'm not getting my hopes up. Find out at 9:30 tomoz eeeeek x

  • We're not sure, keep changing our minds, just want and need a healthy little one. I think whatever, if you find out or not its still exciting. I found out with my last pregnancy and were really pleased so we could plan accordingly, I think we'll prob wait until the day to make a final decision this time. In a way I agree with a few of you for buying purposes, I've got a few bits from when I had Thomas so really not sure lol. 

    Got our date for our 20 week scan too magpie, were 10th October image xxx

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