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Buying for baby?

Has anyone else tempted fate by buying for your baby before the first scan?  I'm not very superstitious and think that if something is going to go wrong it will do regardless of if I start shopping...anyway one of the women at work is selling a brand new mothercare sit up cosy clover cow for £10, RRP £40.  I have snapped this up but now I'm not sure if its too early to be buying.  I'm almost 9 weeks xx


  • Hey MrsB,

    You are right, if something is going to go wrong it will do regardless. I bought a maternity top, shorts and winter clothes for the baby cos my due date was meant to be 27th October 2013. I guess I will keep the stuff and wait until I get pregnant again image

    How are you getting on? All ok?


    J x

  • Yeah I'm ok thanks Judy.  How are you doing?  I'm having a bit of a funny day today one minute I feel that hungry I feel sick, then I had lunch and now I feel like a house side n sick cs I'm full.  Why can't I get it in my head that I need to be eating small regular meals grrrr!!  

    I think I'm going to find it v hard not to buy more this wknd as me n my hubby are going to london for a few days xx

  • I brought loads for my first at like 5 weeks and brought loads quite early this time. Had a lot of snotty comments from friends telling me don't get too much or ill tempt fate (lot of them are finished having kids now or trying unsuccessfully or wanting more but not able to for one reason or another-I get the feeling not all of them are genuinely happy for me!) but I was made redundant at 9 weeks do figured I'd b best to get stuff in while I had money as am on the dole now! X if u c a bargain, grab it! X

  • Good to hear that you are doing well image I'm ok, officially started the 2ww on Monday so I'm currently 4DPO - will see what happens this month, only time will tell image Keeping myself busy with the gym and some work related studying.

    It won't hurt to buy a few things for the baby image It is all very exciting, isn't it? I am still looking at things thinking, I could buy this I could buy that. . . . 



  • i havent bought anything yet but thats cos im still abroad with an already over the limit case so i really dont have the room to buy anything although it would be nice to pick up some cute little outfits that i wont get in the uk. I do love shopping though so i can tell as soon as im back home ill be out wanting to buy everything!

    im going to try to be good though money will be tight so i really should plan what im gunna need and not over spend. x

  • I haven't bought anything yet this time round as I have so much of Thomas' stuff still I am waiting until we know the gender so I know what we need. Last time I bought a few things earlier, I don't think there is any harm in it and if something went wrong you would be upset regardless of if you had bought things or not! Enjoy it! X
  • Saying that I have bought some maternity trousers already as none of my normal trousers fit already! Haha x
  • Hi ladies, we've bought a few bits although I was adamant at the start that I wouldn't as was worried. It's like you ladies have said though, to be honest if its going to go wrong then unfortunately it will regardless if you've bought baby stuff or not. I've had to buy maternity clothes as we're going on holiday in October so need shorts, t shirts etc so cos its the end of the season here, have had some bargains! We've also bought a couple of other bits to spread the cost but also have a few bits from my pregnancy before that we're never used and I don't mind using. Some things are off limits so have been put away as a keepsake xxx

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