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Facebook group

Hi everyone,

I know not everyone uses facebook or may not wish to join the group but i have made one for those who do want to use it. The group is secret, so no one can search it and only those who are added to it can see anything posted to it.

If you would like to be added just send me a PM with your email address and i will send you a request to join. alternativly let me know you want to join and ill send you my details and you can add me x


  • Thanks Mavi I have joined as I much prefer the privacy on there! Come on ladies don't be shyimage x

  • Hi I'm due in march but don't post very much on here. I use fb all the time and still talk loads to my due in July group. Feel free to add me my name is Cara Lacey 

    would love to get to know you all x

  • hi mrslacey ive had a search for you but there were a few others with the same name. ive sent you a pm on here with my details it might be easier for you to find me! x

  • Hello, I can't work out how to PM you on my phone, so maybe if you could PM me the details if you don't mind that would be great thanks! X
  • Mavi I just sent you massage image 

    magpie if you click onto mavi's name, it'll bring up a profile looking page and there is an option to send her a message! image hope that helps! xx

  • Hi if its private please add me kerry patterson or e-mail [email protected]
  • Think ive managed to send requests to everyone who has messaged/commented check your 'others' folder too if you havent got the request cos they sometimes go in there too!

  • Could you PM me please? Would love to join the group image x
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