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Joining you :)

Hi girls,

hope its ok to join you all. I had my 12 week scan today and I'm due 27th March!

I'm 26 and this is mine and hubby's 4th, we have 3 gorgeous girls who are 4, 2 and a half and 9 months.

Look forward to getting to know you all xx


  • Congrats! Are you hoping for a boy this time? X

  • Hi, we're not bothered. 

    would be nice to have a little boy but then my girls are so lovely together that another girl would be very nice too. There are 16 months between my 2 eldest and they are so close 


  • Awww how sweet. I'm expecting girl no 2 in feb x

  • Congrats lovemy girls! I have two girls 20 months apart and they are so close too. I genuinely don't mind if this baby is a girl or boy as like you a boy would be nice but would love another girl as mine are so lovely together! Bet u are annoyed already with people assuming you want a boy?! X

  • Lol yeah! I had people apologising to me when we announced our 3rd was a girl!!! One person told my husband he was cursed!

    This time we're not finding out, part of the reason is because I get so angry with people's comments. Some women can't have babies so we feel lucky that we have 3 and another on the way, no matter what it's gender!

    Someone once told me a girl is for life a boy is until wife. A girl will always need her mummy but once a boy gets married his wife looks after him and takes over haha xx

  • Congrats on your little girl LH86. It's lovely having girls, they will always look after each other xx

  • It's so rude isn't it! I'm sick of the comments too. When my second daughter was a week old a random lady popped her head into the pram and said oh no it's another girl were you really disappointed?! I said no of course not then she said don't worry there is always hope you might have a boy one day.....nearly rammed her with my pram! 

    Have been having all the normal comments this time too.....asking if we will try again if this baby is a girl etc etc! Like you so so many people can't have babies at the end of the day who cares what gender you have.

    I'm sure ladies with all boys get the same! X

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