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Morning sickness hell

Hi, this is my 1st time here, so hello and thank you for taking the time to read this.

im just days away from 12wks and still suffering bad sickness image I also had bad sickness throughout my whole 1st pregnancy but thought maybe this time would be different. I have tried sickness bands, ginger biscuits ,sipping juice ect. My husband and I were sooooo very excited but the thought of 9 months of sickness is making me feel a bit down. Just wondering if anyone had any experience of feeling poorly too? I try and think of the light at the end of tunnel and that some people have years of feeling poorly for awful reasons but its just not cutting it.

tia for any help image


  • hallow donna and welcome

    im also due on my march and in second trimester i thought morning sickness is going to be better in this trimester and i can relax and enjoy pregnancy but noooooooo my morning sickness is worse than ever and it takes all day long

  • Well I'm sorry to hear that, but congratulations to you.

    have you tried anything For the sickness?

    Was reading about the benefits of b6 but I'm not sure weather to try it or not,  fingers crossed we will both be feeling better soon image

  • Sorry to hear you are suffering.

    have you been to your GP? They can prescribe anti sickness tablets but depending on doctor can be strict about giving them. 

    I found eating little and often helped and resting too (not easy with another child!) but when I was tired I def felt sicker. 

    Really hope it eases soon xx

  • morning donna j

    i didnt try anything because i heard when you have morning sickness that shows your baby is growing, so everytime im sick i know my little one is growing if i wont have sickness i will be stressed.


  • Hi ladies, this is my 3rd pregnancy and had morning sickness slightly worse each time. I have been given cyclizine from gp and this as definitely taking the edge off and also had accupunture  which definitely helped too. I find if I'm tried or hungry it's worse. I'm 15 weeks now for the last week it's starting to ease up, I'm slowly feeling more human. it's horrible feeling and hard when running around with other children so hope you all feel better soon x 

  • Hey thanks for replying, I kind of knew i couldn't be the only one suffering, as you say with my 1st I could take it easy but find it much harder this time round, I have a scan this week and will ask more if I still feel naff. Had thought about acupuncture so I think I will look n more into that and try and avoid the medication if I can, happy pregnancy to you glad your starting to see the light at the end image

  • There some good information on Pregnancy Sickness Supports website.

  • my morning sickness went from 8-16 weeks. My doctprescribed did finnigrin(sp.?) for me it helped so much!

    also just always keep something in your tummy crackers, something. 

    Congratulations and good luck! image

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