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sure start maternity grant.. confused?

hey! so im due my first baby (little boy) on March 31st.. pretty soon i will be able to send my forms off for the 'sure start maternity grant' BUT.. im soo confused to weather i will get it or not.. I dont work, but my partner works full time.. AND we claim working tax credits together!!! ive looked at the direct gov website and it just doesnt make any sense at all..hope someone can give me some answers??Thanks image



  • I think u have to be on income support (single parent or both not working) so as ur partner works u prob won't qualify. I get absolutely peanuts cuz my partner works even wen I got made redundant last July I still got nothing! Still worth applying though u never know X

  • hi i checked on the sure start


    grant  off 500 pound it states that if you have children under 16 years old you can not receive it is this true !!!!

  • Hi there the sure start grant is a one of payment to your first child/ first born you dont get it for every child, unless there is a 10 year age gap from your 1st child.

    i got it with my son but wont get it with my little bean

    If you have never had this grant its worth you applying for it, either way they will say yes or no, i think i had to wait till i had my matb1 before i could apply for it and it got paid into my bank when i was 30 odd weeks pregnant x


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