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Hi Natasha, Keep popping by from due in march 10. Can't wait to see your BA. Rachel


  • Yeah good luck honey been thinking bout u x

  • I just popped by to see how you were too sohappy! There have been 4 due in March babies born so far (Facebook group!) including my little girl who was born on Sunday. Hope everything is still going well! Xx
  • Congrats to everyone who's had their babes x

  • Aww hi ladies, I'm good thanks, sorry for keeping you all in suspense, my little boy Ethan was born on Tuesday 4th March at 220am, weighing in at 7lb 6! Very quick birth as contractions started back to back at 1am! I got home on Friday as spent some time in hospital due to what happened to me last time and to build up my confidence with coming home. A week down the line and all is well except for the sleep deprivation that I'm sure we're all having lol!

    thanks for all of your support, also wishing all of you the very best with your babies, hope everyone is doing ok xxx

  • Oh babes HUUUUGE congrats so happy for u. It's hard work but so worth it, big hugs to u and little man xx

  • CONGRATULATIONS so incredibly happy to see this! What a fast labour. Welcome Ethan. Xxx
  • Just come back to read again image and bring congratulations from all the Dim2010 ladies x
  • Omg wooooooo hoooooooo congratulations pet all the love in the world to you all!!
  • Aw wow thanks ladies for all your support and well wishes, micro monkey, please say thanks to all my old friends in dim 2010!

    thanks LH, definately worth all the worry and stress, how's you and lo?

    moonbean, thank you hun, hope you and yours are good, thought of you on the 2nd x

  • We're good thanks hun can't believe she's 6 n a half weeks old already x

  • Wow, the time does go fast like you said, Ethan is 15 days old today, madness! Take care all xxx

  • I cannot even put into words how happy I am for you.  We went to the garden on Tuesday and thought of Thomas as always.  Ethan is the luckiest boy in the world because he gets his own guardian angel.  Lots of love to you - enjoy every cuddle x


  • Awh Natasha I'm so pleased for you. Huge congratulations. Enjoy your precious son and all the new and exiting experiences to come.

    Take good care

    Love always, Kathryn xxx
  • Hi ladies,

    thank you for all your kind wishes x Ethan is very precious to us and we'll certainly enjoy every second with him xxx

    Wishing you all the very best too xxx lots of love xxx


  • Hi hun , many congratulations , the labour was quick indeed , glad you got to spend a few days in hospital , good to have the support n reassurance , hope you're not too tired , sending you n your boys lots of luck n hugs x x x 

  • Thanks evemum, how are you? X

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