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Anti Kells antibody

hello i am 3 months pregnant , and they recently told me I have the anti kell antibody in my system. does anyone have any expirience or advice with this let me know


  • Anti kell? Not heard of that sorry

    Im b- though and need the anti d when pregnant. Is your blood group negative? Did the midwife not explain to you x
  • I am kell sensitized, meaning I carry antibodies against the Kell protein.  I became Kell sensitized at the birth of my first son.  My husband carries Kell (which we were not aware of) and my blood and my son’s (who also carries Kell) blood mixed caused the sensitization in me.  We discovered I was Kell sensitized when I became pregnant with my second son through routine blood work at my OBGYN.  My husband is heterozygous meaning each of our babies would have a 50/50 chance of being Kell positive.  I went to high risk doctor for treatment and was advised that my options were an Amnio or to monitor by using MCA Doplers and if the baby becomes anemic then I would be sent to Baltimore for Inter-uterine blood transfusions.  We were further advised to monitor the baby.  We were seen at minimum bi-weekly for MCA Doplers and feel very luck that our second baby was not Kell positive and was delivery at 37 weeks happy and healthy.  To our surprise we are pregnant again and consulted with the same antenatal testing center as we did with our second son, and they gave us the possibility of non-invasive prenatal testing to determine if our unborn baby carries the Kell mutation.  My Perinatal Doctor spent days calling all over the country to find a lab that was doing non-invasive prenatal testing and called me to tell that he was struggling to find a lab willing to take on the testing but there was one possibility but the company needed some time to decide.  We waited, hopeful that there would be somewhere to get this testing done in order to avoid an amnio.  Our wish came true and my doctor called to tell us that there was a lab name RAVGEN in Columbia, Maryland who was willing to take our case. RAVGEN had never tested specifically for Kell but there paternal single gene mutation testing was similar enough to be confident that they would be able to determine if our baby was Kell positive or negative.  They would take blood from me and would be able to get fetal DNA to compare my DNA, to the babies and my husbands.  The catch was that we would need to go to Columbia, Maryland a few times and would need to be willing to commit to whatever the company would need from us for the testing.  For my husband and I, we are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of this baby. 

     A few days later, my husband and I went up to Maryland to meet Dr. Dhallan (CEO of RAVGEN) and his team.  Dr. Dallah and his team were friendly, informative and confident that they could provide us with very accurate testing. We don’t have our results yet, but have been up to Maryland twice to meet with Dr. Dhallan (Rav) and his team.  We expect to have our test results within the next two weeks, just through blood work.  Shortly, we will know if our little one is positive or negative without the risks of an amnio, an option that was not provided to us just two years earlier.  We will not have to like the next 5 months with the unknown. 

    Dr. Dhallan is clearly passionate about his work and takes each case as a challenge and opportunity to learn more and solve more medical challenges.  He shares his own medical and business journey which led him to starting RAVGEN.  I highly recommend calling RAVGEN to explore non-invasive prenatal testing, the earlier you call in your pregnancy or before you are pregnant the better in order to allow him and his team the most amount of time possible for testing. 


    Call for more information: (410) 715-2111

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