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Due in September 2014?


Since BE seem to be having problems posting a thread for this under Bump Buddies, I thought I'd start one in here. Is anyone else due in September 2014? I got my BFP on Xmas Day and am due on 6 September image




  • Hi 'littlelettuce', 

    i have just joined this site and found out I'm pregnant a few days ago. I've worked out my due date as 6th Sept too. Is this your first pregnancy? Hope your doing well. 


  • Congratulations! No, this is my second pregnancy, is this your first? I'm feeling ok thanks, how about you? x
  • Hello little lettuce and baby j.

    Can I join you? I got my BFP last night and two more this morning! Lol.

    My due date is Sept 15th.

    I have a 6 year old dd already. I have PCOS and have conceived with Clomid both times.

    Now I've got that beautiful bfp I'm praying that it's a sticky little bean. I'm such a worrier or is that just natural?

    Congrats on both of your pregnancies. Here's to a h and h nine months.

    Little lettuce how old is your first child?

  • Congratulations Karliepop. I think it's only natural to be worried, I am too. She 9 months old.
  • Hi! Karliepop - of course you can join us. Well this is my first pregnancy. Got appt with midwife in just over a week. We haven't told anyone yet (which is very hard!!). I just feel very tired which I didn't think would be the case this early on. It's lovely that there I this site eh? From what I have read everyone is so helpful and supportive to each other.

    Congrats to you both x
  • Karliepop - just read that you're from the Forest of Dean - we got married near there!image x
  • Yeah, it's hard to not tell anyone. It's common to feel tired at the beginning, it'll go away, most likely, soon but it will come back again in the third trimester! I just need to go to the loo all the time already!

    This site is good but if you get someone horrible, it's probably just a troll so just ignore them x
  • BabyJ - you're from Dudley in the west mids?
  • It's says Dudley for some reason but I live in stourbridge. Yeah, my main symptoms at the mo are tiredness, wee lots (sorry) and cramps (which have worried me but apparently it's quite normal).
  • I don't live that far from you then. I'm in Kidderminster. I had lots of cramps at the beginning of my last pregnancy so try not to worry unless it becomes really painful.
  • No not far at all really. Where did you have your last baby then? Worcester hospital? The cramps seems to be less frequent over the last day or so x
  • Hey all image

    Im 20 weeks with my first so due before September but just want to say congratulations to you all with the pregnancies image

    This website is really helpful and everyones lovely! Been using this since i found out image xx
  • Hi guys... I'd love to join the thread if that's ok?. I very recently got my positive result and have calculated I'm due Sept 2nd. I'm originally from the UK (Wiltshire mostly) but now live in the states.... So as I see most of you guys are brits... It'd be lovely to have a link there & interesting to compare differences in prenatal care etc!

  • Thanks for your congrats ladies. It all feels a bit surreal at the moment.

    Little lettuce 9 months is a lovely age. I really remember my dd being very entertaining then. I know a few people with 1 to 2 yr age gap and their children are very close. I will have a 7 year age gap so not sure how that will work out! There will be pros and cons I'm sure.

    Baby j yes I live in FoD. It's beautiful. Been here ten years. Where did you get married?

    Congrats SW2 it will be interesting to see how uk compares to the states. Where abouts are you?

    I'm going to try to get a doctors appointment today. I suffered with hg in my first pregnancy. Which is why it took me so long to be brave enough to try again. I apparently have an 80% chance of getting it again. I'm hoping and praying I don't. My gp said as soon as I get bfp she will start preventative meds and see me weekly. Hopefully I can get to see her today. She told me to tell the receptionist it was a 'womens problem emergency' and I should get an appointment! Lol. I'm hoping that'll work. Xxx
  • Thanks for starting this, littlelettuce.

    And sorry, everyone, that we haven't been able to sort the tech bug out yet that's stopping us from making a proper place for you.

    Hope you're all happy with this temporary home for the moment. We'll let you know as soon as we've sorted you out a permanent one.

    Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS to all of you! image

  • Morning ladies,

    Hope I am ok to join you.....I got my first faint BFP on Saturday at 10dpo and got quite a dark BFP on a FRER today at 12dpo.  My EDD is September 13th....hoping this is a sticky bean image

    Did any of you get a BFP so early at 10dpo? x

  • Hi Haleigh, just past half way then eh? -hope all is going well for you. 

     SW2 welcome - where about in the States are you? 

    Karliepop, we got married at a place called Clearwell Castle - and I agree that it is  such a beautiful place around there. Did you manage to get passed the receptionist today? Lol. Fingers crossed for you that you don't have problems this time round. 

    AngWass2, I waited until 5 days after my missed period partly cos I didn't want a negative and partly cos I was a little nervous to be honest. 

    Once again big congratulations to you all. 

    Babyexpert- I'm more than happy with our temporary home - I'm sure everyone here agrees image

  • Hi ladies! Congratulations on your pregnancies image 

    We're expecting our 2nd with an edd of 4th September. Trying to keep it secret right now but sickness and having to stay sober is making it hard - lots of family birthdays in January where I'd normally have a glass of wine or two.

    But I'm so excited. My son will be a great big brother and I can't wait to have a tiny baby again

  • Carlie pop & baby J-1... I'm living in Arkansas now... Not the most glamorous place to live but it's an experience!
  • SW2, I had never heard of Arkansas (excuse my ignorance) so I had a little look on googleimage to get an idea about where you are. Looks nice. We went to florida and the keys as part of our honeymoon and loved it. I kno America is a big place but I must admit I got an addiction now and hope to see more in the future! Will be interesting to hear your experiences of the care there. What took you to Arkansas??
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