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  • It sounds all very exciting Stacey and Angela.

    Glad that nobody can see the posts, that is why I haven't shared much cos there are people on my friends list that are bulshitters and do not wish well so I do not want them to know ha ha I believe that if someone does not wish you well, things can go wrong image

    I have got my scan date, it is 14th April. I will be just over 19 weeks. I am going away on 18th April so they've arranged it for before I go away - exciting image Cannot wait to find out what we are having.

    I bet you are excited for the next scan Angela, I cannot wait for mine image

    What do you think of buying a second hand pushchair? I am asking because if it is a girl, we've picked the Quinny Moodd with the white chassis and pink seat but they do not make them new anymore. Also looking at iCandy and you can get a bargain on eBay. DH was not having any of this last year, but it was actually him that suggested it this time. What do you guys think? I also really the wicker cribs by MJ Mark (have a look on Google) and they are pretty pricey so DH said that we could save on a travel system and invest a bit more in the wicker crib - I absolutely adore them - cannot help it ha ha

    Tell you what girls, it is nice to see you all on Facebook, it feels more personal when I know what people look like image xxx

  • I love the mjmark cribs! I'm watching one on eBay at the minute! I have a vintage wicker crib that I had made up in the same style for when my niece stayed over when she was little! I'm just gonna get the mothercare xpedior I think, I drive everywhere so the frame and car seat option will be great! My friend has it and she says it's great! And the reviews r good aswell! Where r u going on holiday? We go to lanzarote 30th march so I'm having my midwife appointment a bit earlier than usual so she can c me before I go x
  • Ha ha Stacey, DH just said that we are gonna bid against each other image We are watching them too, looked at the history and there was one for 0.99 a few weeks ago and didn't sell? I saw one in a local shop in Bolton and it was £250, this was in March last year thou so they might not have it anymore image Will have to have a look some time. We are going to Slovakia, my family lives there so we are going for a couple of weeks and on the way back we will stop in Paris for 2-3 days. This will be my last holiday for a while cos we will not be able to afford expensive holidays when the baby is here, I will loose a lot of money while on maternity but I saved for it so there is no problem image


  • Well it's scan day for me tomorrow morning, am so nervous I feel sick image. At least I have an 8.10am appointment so not much waiting x

  • Good luck Joanne! Everything will be perfect,I'm sure image xxx

  • image

     Well here he or she is, looks a bit like a monkey nut at the moment x


  • Congratulations hun image Lovely picture xxx

  • lovely scan pic image


    Stacey - i have just friend requested you on FB (Louise Wall) thanks image xx

  • Ooooo do we have a Facebook group now? Stacey I will add you as a friend so you can add me, pretty please.  I still talk to my 2012 girls everyday so I'm glad we have a little group from here now Xx

  • Hi every one! Hope every one is starting to feel better, it's so fun to see all the pics! 

    Are any of you on Progesterone? Or have been on it in the past? My Doc wants me to stop it this week and I'm just a little nervous about it. Although I'm really starting to feel the baby move now, especially after I eat!  

    My next scan is less than 2 weeks away, and we are hoping this little peanut cooperates and spreads his/her legs so we can find out! Im so excited it's all I can think about! My daughter and I have both had dreams of a little boy, although we will be over the moon with either! 

  • Hi Everyone, I hope you are all doing ok, Sorry for my long absence, been a very busy bee, I am now off work due to complications surrounding my condition and pregnancy but I am doing a lot better than anyone predicted, had a bit of worry as I could feel baby kick if I held my hands to my tummy but otherwise could not feel anything, happily this week she has started kicking like a crazy thing and not only can I feel it, I can see it, Its a bit strange looking seeing all these little shapes poke out of my belly, but nice to know she is dancing around in there. I have obviously found out that we are having a little girl, I must say it was quite a shock as everyone, self included had bets on it being a boy, but happy now that we have got over the shock. I have another scan in a few weeks which will be a scan at 24 weeks, there is a big hold up in terms of a caesarian as apparently they need written proof that I need one and the neurosurgeon want a second opinion from an orthopaedic surgeon, so having the final details confirmed is becoming a bit of a nightmare.

    Hope all is well with everyone and their little beans image

    I'm going to get reading through all the old posts now to see what I have missed image


  • I have been set on the Quinny Moodd too sweetjudy, got one off ebay brand new but its a purple one, complete with purple matching carry cot and car seat, so happy we pick it up in a few days, hehe I looked at loads of second hand ones but there was always too much damage, either the tyres looked ready for going or it was scratched and battered, or miles to far away lol but i dont think there is anything wrong with it if its clean and in good condition. Just watch out for the tyres, but if it is cheap enough you can always then buy replacement tyres image

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