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  • Hi Offbeartrunner,

    I know how you feel.  I tested after my OH went to work at 7am and he wasn't due in till 6.30pm and I wanted to wait to tell him face to face.  In the meantime I had been over to my mums house and was desperate to tell someone but knew I couldn't tell anyone before my OH.  I then waited 5 days to tell my mum ha.  Congrats also x

    Hi Carioke,

    Congratulations on your BFP!  I think it is very natural to be excited and scared at the same time as I am also!

    Hi Bunz,

    Congratulations.  It is good that you will get plenty of scans and be kept an eye on image

    Hi Judy,

    How are you feeling? Can't believe there is only a day or two in our EDD's image you got any symptoms?


  • My mum and dad go to the Netherlands tomorrow to visit my sister for two weeks, we're going to save it to tell the when they get back - at least I won't be seeing them lol!

  • Thankyou AngWass, congratulations to you too!

    I'm not telling anyone til my scan as I told too many people last time and it was awful to then have to tell them my sad news!!

    I hope we all have a good 9 months xx

  • Hi ladies image

    Thank you Helen and Bunz image

    Bunz - I remember your name from the ttc forum . . . I think. I spoke to you before image

    Angela - how are you feeling honey? I am getting some sickness now, I feel sick and my tummy feels ill when I am laying down and also when I've eaten. I feel full straight away and don't particulary fancy food. I do eat thou image Also very tired all the time an need afternoon naps when I'm not at work and sore boobies image This feel different to my last pregnancy so fingers crossed!


  • Hi Judy,

    I feel pretty much the same as you.....I have been working this weekend but I got home about 3pm today and caught up on some tv and then went to sleep for about an hour and half as my OH isn't home till about 8.30 and I am having a nap most nights.  Even though I slept from about 4.30 to 6pm I now feel like I could just go to bed haha.  I have started feeling sick this morning I felt really sick, had some breakfast and felt a bit better and then when I started feeling hungry again I felt sick so had a banana.  I now feel crap again and not looking forward to my pork dinner at all image I am hoping because I feel like this it means little bean is sticking! xx

  • I actually want some symptoms!!!!! All I have is painful boobs on and off, and I'm tired. With my first I was horrendous from 6wks - birth, in and out of Hosp with sickness etc (obviously I don't want 2 be that bad again) but with my second I still felt really sick from the minute I had the positive! Just worries me cos of having the 2 miscarriages! I'm having a scan 27th January so im just waiting for that now, will be the longest week of my life! X

  • I'm only 5 weeks and feel nauseous around 11 am so I grab a biscuit.I also have sore boobs and feel very tired!

    how many weeks is everyone?


  • Hi ladies,

    Stacey - how many weeks are you? Don't worry hun, every pregnancy is different and enjoy the no-symptom period while it lasts.

    Carioke - I am 6+6 today so 7 weeks tomorrow - yaaaay

    Angela - I felt very very sick last night and also this morning, but feeling ok now. This sickness is different to what I had with my first pregnancy. This feels like I've got a constant sickness bug and tender tummy. I am happy about it thou - bring it on ha ha


  • Hi Carioke,

    I am 6 weeks 2 days.  I am surprised just how tired I am for so early on but I know it will be worth it x

  • I'm 8wks today according to my last period/miscarriage, but have a scan Monday so should know for definite then. So I'd have thought I'd have some sickness or something x
  • Hello everyone. Hope you're all doing OK today - well, apart from feeling knackered and sick and everything!

    This article on early pregnancy bugbears might help a bit - if only to make you feel that you're not the only one feeling like death at the moment.

    I remember even toothpaste making me sick in the early days. It's so grim, isn't it?

    If anyone has any brilliant suggestions for things that making sickness/tiredness/achey boobs a bit better, do please share them!

  • I'm 7 weeks and 1 day today, community midwife rung last week to say my midwife will call me when I'm around 9 weeks to make an appointment. Feels so long away image, I'm getting impatient image. Rough due date 8th of September. Congrats to the rest of you xx

  • Hi ladies is it okay if I join you all...

    I've been putting it off due to suffering m/c in December but concieved 2 weeks after and turned 7weeks today!

    Got my first midwives appointment next Wednesday!

    Also I have quite an embarrassing question to ask... Warning TMI alert!!

    Needed to do a number 2 today which I sat on the loo for ten mins and was in agony without straining, then after I had pooped i wiped and there was bright red period like blood coming from my bottom!! I know 100% it was not from the front! I kept checking as was worrying I was m/c again but nope def from the rear! I've got an appointment at the doctors tonight as he wants to have a look, he thinks it's internal piles! Has anyone else suffered this so early on in pregnancy! I'm really uncomfortable in the belly and bottom region now!

    Such a plesant way to introduce myself to all of you lol

  • Lol Leigh, hope everything went OK, I was gonna say piles, my sister had it! I phoned docs today cos I haven't heard anything about a midwife appointment n they gave me midwife office number the lady said I wouldn't c anyone until 11-14wks cos they have a back log!!! A friend of mines just had her scan she's just over 13wks, and she still hasn't even seen the midwife! My actual midwife isn't in until Thursday but they have left her a note that I've rung so said she'd prob ring then. I'm so impatient lol, but after telling doctors 2wks ago and being over 8wks now I'd hoped to have heard something! Rant over! Hope everyone's well image xx

  • Hey ladies,

    Leigh - I would also guess piles. What did the docs say?I was very excited when I went for a number 2 today-I know it's sad ha ha but thought I was getting constipated.

    Stacey - sounds right honey. I have my appointment when I'm 10 weeks and that is only the booking in appointment. I wanna ask them to arrange my scan for week 12, don't want a repeat of events from last year when they arranged it for week 14 and I didn't get to go cos I miscarried after week 13 image


  • Well after a lovely examination he said he couldn't feel any piles so said not to worry it may just be because of pressure and to go back if it happens again! So now I'm frightened to poo lol xx
  • Lol keep drinking fresh juice, at least then it will be looser, that's what they told me to do after I gave birth so I didn't put pressure on stitches so may be an idea image x

  • Thank you, think ill pop to the shop and grab some fresh orange juice xx
  • Well i had my first appointment today with midwife! Not much happened other than filling in paperwork, taking my blood pressure and lots of blood! She will now send my forms off and i should receive a scan date in the post image x
  • Oh wow Angela, that was quick! My first one is on 11th Feb image for bloods and everything. The one I had two weeks ago was for blood pressure and some forms image How are you feeling now?

    Leigh - fresh juices and soups are good. Eat a lot of fruit and veg too and drink a lot of water image

    Any of you getting morning sickness yet? I am not, but my tummy feels tender every now and then . . .. 

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