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  • Oh Angela how exciting!!!

    My first appointment is next Wednesday for I assume paperwork and wee and blood test

    Sweetjudy I'm not really getting any more symptoms, I get a bit sicky but not actually sick at all, all I have is sore and tender boobs and sometimes very emotional! But that's it

    Hope everyone is doing okay??xx
  • Hi Judy,

    Well when I rang my Dr to let them know I was pregnant they just said the Dr doesnt see you and a midwife will ring so thats maybe why I was seen quite early image I dont feel any different for having appointment though as they didnt check I was pregnant or anything so just cant wait for dating scan now. I an hoping that will be for end of Feb! I am feeling good in myself, just extremely tired. OH has been snapping a little bit as well so that upset me last night but he apologised. I have asked him to read up on stuff as i dont think he understands that its natural to be as tired as I am.

    I havent had morning sickness as such yet but i do sometimes feel nauseous when i am hungry image

    Hi Leigh,

    Ah good luck for your first appointment! I am not great when i have my bloods done but the midwife was very good image

    I have really tender boobs at the min and can see them changing already!

    I was given a bounty pack today so been reading through all booklets and filling in forms for freebies image me and my OH also decided not to have the testing done to check for downs syndrome...what are other peoples thoughts on this? X
  • When I got out of bed this morning I started reaching, so I'm thinking it may be starting, other than that its just my boobs hurting! I'm hoping to hear from midwife tomorrow, as that's when she's due back in. Apparently there's a back log, my friends just over 13wks, had her scan but still no midwife appointment! My sister in law didn't have downs syndrome testing either, I personally will have it like I did with my other 2 xx

  • I have read and heard so many stories where people are told they are at high risk and then they have a healthy baby so I am not going to put that extra stress/worry on myself and me and OH said that we will love the baby whatever so we are happy not to have it.  I am sure it is peace of mind for a lot of people and it's nice you get the option to have it or not image

    Well I am quite happy with my Dr's as it's a new practice I am at which I only registered at after I got my BFP as we moved house in June last year and just didn't swap Dr's.  I have rang them today to book in for the flu jab and they have got me in for 5.10 tonight.  I think I will end up getting over my hatred of needles after the end of this haha x

  • Hello everybody. Please can I join you? We're due on September 11th (awkward!). Had a rather bumpy ride with the pregnancy so far, with a suspected ectopic, a week of bleeding and an early scan which showed I was a couple of weeks behind my dates. Anyway, yesterday we had another scan and saw a little bean with a heartbeat! According to the sonographer, it had "had a growth spurt" and had two weeks' worth of growth in one week. I didn't even know that was possible. So now I feel like I can legitimately get excited. Really looking forward to getting to know you all better over the coming months. 

  • Hi HappySurprise,

    Welcome to the group and congratulations!  Sorry you have had a rough ride so far but happy your bean is now doing well image


    Well ladies....I am fed up of feeling hungry, tired and sick!!  I know I shouldn't moan but my goodness, so far today I had 1 slice of toast at 7am as I felt so sick because I was hungry....then I had some porridge at 9am, then I had a fruit bag with melon and grapes in at 10.30am and it is now 11.44am and I feel STARVING again!!!!  And because I feel hungry, I feel sick at the same time image

    Please tell me I am not the only one constantly eating and feel poop ha x

  • Thanks Ang. I'm with you - I feel absolutely terrible at the moment. It's the exhaustion that's really getting me...I'm finding it so hard to get through the day at work, I'm virtually asleep on the commute home. The house is a complete tip and I can't even be bothered to wash my hair. My poor husband's is getting the shock of his life. 

    If you're feeling sick, my mother gave me a great tip - ham and mustard sandwiches, with plenty of mustard. It really does help. 

  • Hello everyone - and a warm welcome to...Leighxx, aforrest26 and HappySurprise.

    aforrest26: Yes, it's a v long time to wait, isn't it? Does anyone else know you're pregnant? Apart from us, obviously image

    Leighxx: Glad to hear the doc didn't think it was anything to worry about. Hope the orange juice is working...

    Woah at your ham and mustard sarnies, HappySurprise – never heard that before! Has anyone else given them a go?

  • Hi ladies

    Do you mind if I join u I got my bfp this week I'm expecting my 4th on I think 28th sept not really told anyone yet tbh bit worried of people's reactions but was planned and we're happy

    Hope to get to know you all over the next 8 months or so

    Billie xx
  • Hey ladies,

    Billie - congratulations honey! Don't worry about what other people think, they should mind their own business really. Just enjoy your pregnancy and tell them when you are ready. 

    Angela - you are right about the down syndrome screening. I think I will say no to it. I am still unsure thou image How are you today? I see that you are still tired and hungry?

    Stacey - how did your scan go?

    As for me, felt very sick yesterday and haven't had much food all day apart from two toasts and two nectarines. I made up for it at night thou cos DH cooked a lovely meal so had two portions - surprised it didn't come back up ha ha. Feeling very tired again and a little bit sick, but it is all good. The worse the sickness the better, I actually want to feel sick - I know ti sounds stupid but hey ho! Not decided about the downs screening, I would not let them take the baby away if there was something wrong so I might as well not have it done. We will see when the time comes image

    How is everyone else today?


  • Congratulations Billie image u shouldn't care what other people think, as long as ur happy that's all that matters x

  • Scans on Monday Judy, but shall update u all when I get home from it image my sickness seems to be worse in the evening, not actually been sick yet though! Had a few cramps today so must be having a little growth spurt image xx

  • Hi All,                                                                          

              I was following the "How long after stopping cerazette did your period return" forum but didn't post anything because after exactly 28 days I got my period back although it was interesting to follow and was a relief knowing its taken some much longer. After two cycles I got my BFP Tues (21st) a day after my expected period was due as I couldn't wait any longer!!! My boobs were sore already which was one of the first indications and I noticed a spot of blood (literally, hardly anything) which I think was caused by implantation a few days after ovulation.

    Me and my OH are so excited and happy but I am quite scared too. I have blood injury phobia which I will need to overcome and luckily have never been in much pain so labour is something I worry about. However I have always wanted a family and feel blessed that once we were ready it all happened so quickly. I am 31 (OH is 29 next month) and we have been together ten years in September and got married 2012.

    The only person I have told is my sister. She is two years older than me and had a son two years ago in March (also at age 31) whom we adore. We are very close and I think its important to have a small support network. I will probably tell a couple people at work too (for support but also for practical reasons like scans etc) but waiting till first scan to tell grandparents and family so can give them a framed copy of scan and risk of miscarriage is less.

    About symptoms, the main thing is the tender boobies, especially through the night and upon waking but I've also had a lot of headaches, some mild cramping and of course mild nausea (mostly in mornings) I am hungrier but I normally don't get through the recommended 2000 calories a day so that may be why but not particularly more tired than normal yet!

    Sorry it was long but it feels good to share. I have made an appointment to see doctor Thursday so will see how that goes, will be five weeks by then. Oh and my EDD is 30th September....

  • Evening all. And a warm welcome to Mumofthree3 (wow at your 4th pregnancy - that's amazing!) and also to Dee30 (please share as much as you like; that's exactly what our Birth Clubs are for!)

    Congrats both!

  • Hi ladies....

    Congrats Billie!!!

    How is everyone???

    I'm am feeling like the worlds biggest pile of poo!!!! I've given up smoking and have now come down with a delightful cold!!!! I also feel constantly hungry and sick at the same time so don't know what I want to eat or drink!!! I have wanted to go on a rampage and kill someone!!!!! We are moving next Thursday and I'm so stressed!!!!! It's just all come at once!! Feeling ill, moving and back to work Monday after a lovely 2 weeks off. I just feel so defeated!!! And me and DF keep arguing coz of my wonderful hormones!!! And now my tummy hurts from coughing!!!!!

    Sorry for the rant!!!!

    Hope everyone else is okay???xx
  • Welcome dee and mumofthree3

    Big congrats to you both!!xx
  • Hi everyone. I'm due in September too! First time mum and am very ill with virus image X
  • Hi fluffybunny80 - and welcome.

    Sorry to hear you're ill - poor you. Hope you feel better very soon.

  • Hi fluffybunny80

    Congrats... Also first time for me too and also feel like poo!!

    Welcome to the group xx
  • Thank you both. My first midwife appointment is tomorrow morning so will update you then image X
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