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  • Can I join please ladies?!

    I have just found I am expecting my second child. I am 5+1. It has come as quite a shock as it took 18 to conceive my first little boy, and this one has taken one month of serious trying! 

    I only tested at 4pm today so it hasn't quite sunk in yet! I am mixture of excited and terrified!

  • OMG, MrsGriff10, that must have been quite a shock! Congratulations to you - and welcome!

  • Congrats! Took us 18 months of tryin to and we no spring chickens. I'm 34 this year hubby will be 40 and it's our first and we only ever wanted one so are over the moon but worried as has flu/stomach virus for over two weeks and got crippling stomach pains image

    My names penny btw but most people call me pen x
  • Hi ladies, nice to read all your comments I am 5w 3d and due around 27th September. I had a missed miscarriage 4 months ago so I am very hesitant about being excited. Managed to get a early scan for the 4th Feb (6w 3d) but that's because I live in South Africa.

    Worried a similar thing will happen like last time.

    I have a 2.5 year old little boy called Jordan who was a difficult child but such a treasure.

    This week wait is going to kill me I cant even consentrate. Doesn't help that I have also given up smoking (Grrrrr) and people at work are getting on my nerves.

    The only symptoms I have are very sore boobs and I am very tired in the afternoons.

    Nice to meet you all

  • Hi ladies,

    Mrs Griff, Pen and NatsieNoo - congratulations to you ladies!

    I know how anxious you all are. I feel the same. I had a missed mc in April last year and finding it hard to be excited because I am very worried that there will be something wrong image I am excited thou and keep thinking positive and telling myself that it will be all ok - it has to be! I have got a scan next week, I will be 9w+2 so the little beanie should be wriggling in there with a strong heart beat!  I am scared and think DH is scared too!

    I feel sick every day, but it is not too bad image I sometimes feel hungry and sick at the same time, which is very odd ha ha. Sore and bigger boobies and also got an outbreak of spots - must be the hormones.

    I hope you are all doing well ladies image


  • I'm the same ladies;feeling really anxious because of mmc April 2013. I'm having my early scan this Sat (7 weeks) and just hoping and praying there is a strong heartbeat!!

    Hope the sickness eases soon sweetjudy! it is a good sign though. I even feel nervous as I felt nauseous last mon but nothing since!! just sore boobs and tired.

    good luck everyone xxx

  • I'm so glad I found this little group. I joined one in here when I was expecting my little boy. We moved the group over to Facebook as it was easier, but two years later we still talk every day! Looking forward to getting to know you all more x
  • My doctors messed up my appointment and it's next Monday grr.!! I'm almost 8 weeks at least and haven't even seed midwife yet and have had a flu/stomach virus for almost 3 weeks! Doc has sent me for bloods yesterday as I demanded that someone see me. Is that right? When should I be seeing her?


    Pen X
  • Should have said they messed up my midwife appointment as it should have been yesterday X
  • Anyone ever had it where they haven't got a majorly strong line ie as dark as control line on an internet cheapy they have been getting abit darker I think I'm 5 weeks I took a cbd on sunday afternoon which said pregnant 1-2 had hoped for 2-3 but hoping its because I did in afternoon not fmu got some more ordered just wondered everyones thoughts/stories

    Sorry think I'm worrying myself as feel sick & have sore boobs / tired

    Any advice greatly received lol

    Billie xxx

  • Hi Billie....I took about 4 internet cheapies over the course of 4 days and the lines were always fainter than the control line so I don't think you have anything to worry about!  I would take another clear blue in a few days with FMU if you can and just see if it has gone up!  I think I took a CB when I was 5 weeks 4 days and it came up 3+.  I think if I am right in thinking that the CB generally show 1-2 if you are 2-3 weeks pregnant, 2-3 if you are 3-4 weeks pregnant and 3+ if you are 5 weeks plus pregnant but I wouldn't worry just yet, take another and see what it says.  I have also read though that the CB aren't always accurate so I wouldn't fully trust them to be honest. 

    My best and strongest line was on a first response early response test!

    Try to relax and stay positive image I know it is easier said than done


    Angela x

  • Thanks Angela

    I wish I could of just excepted the fisrt proper line lol cbd is 1-2 is 3-4 weeks 2-3 is 4-5 weeks & 3+ is 5 weeks or more I was nearly 5 weeks when I got 1-2 so on track hoped it was gonna be 2-3 but prob my fault for not doing in the morning just gonna wait for the others hopefully here tom so do Thursday  ahh it drives u mad doing tests lol


    Billie xx


  • I have a little sticky bean image had scan yesterday and heartbeat is strong they have put me back 2wks 5days!!! So I'm currently 6wks 3days (due 20th September) which means I was only 3wks when I got my bfp!! Xx

  • Oh that's great news, Stacey1986. Yay! And wow that you got your BFP at 3 weeks!

    Hope you're feeling better, fluffybunny80 - all sounds v frustrating for you.

    And welcome to NatsieNoo: nice to have you here!

  • Thank you Helen am really struggling tbh stomach is in bits can't eat anything image and now one of my teeth has moved and feels like it's gonna fall out. Never even had a filling before image X
  • Hope everyone is doing ok

    I did another cbd this afternoon & got 2-3 pleased with that got one more left which I'll probably do at the weekend ??then I need to step away from the tests forgot how stressful first few months are good luck to everyone

    Billie xx
  • Hi, Ladies, I've just ordered some cheapies as I only got faint lines and a 1-2 weeks on cb digi.

    I also keep checking my bbt to make sure it;s still high!! (paranoid a bit cause of mmc last April)

    I feel ok apart from being dizzy! (hubby says no change there!) I honestly feel a bit tipsy all day! anyone else the same?


  •  I don't know about tipsy more like hungover!!! Nausea has been worse today, I actually thought I was gonna be sick at points whilst at work. I'm not sleeping very well either cause my boobs are so painful it wakes me up when I try to turn over and I've never slept well on my back. Apparently you can buy maternity sleep bras to ease the soreness, has anyone tried these before? I'm at a point I'll try anything and they will come in when baby is born too (if they still fit) so may as well. Has anyone else got any tips?!?!

    I had not even considered taking another test. I'm sure that's just the difference with it being my first pregnancy, don't think it has even properly sunk in yet! Does it feel more real once you have a bump? Going to doctors in morning so bit nervous...


  • Hi Dee, I think you're supposed to wear a support bra( not underwired) when you're pregnant to give you support and comfort through the night. I haven't as yet as they feel ok at the mo! how many weeks are you?

    I did another test today and it was a lot darker than the previous ones! it was nice to see image

    hope everyone is well xx


  • Morning everyone! Hope you're all doing OK.

    Just wanted to say hello and check in with you all - and wish all those who have scans/appointments in the next few days much love and luck.

    Do let us know how you all get on!

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