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  • Hi ladies how are you all??

    Sorry I've been quiet, I've been suffering with cough and cold! It's been stopping me sleeping so have been feeling very sorry for myself!

    Had my booking appoitment on Wednesday, and bloods taken, didn't like the woman that we had filling out our forms, she was quite abrupt shall we say, like anything I said I was wrong and she had an answer for all of it! Glad I don't have to see her again!!!

    Otherwise we are moving on Monday so that delightfully stressful! My boobs are killing me and I'm constipated!!! But got my scan date for feb so very excited for that!

    Hope you all are well xx
  • Morning all,

    Just got my letter for my first scan and it's 25th Feb...soooo can't wait to make sure everything is ok.  I can't help but keep worrying a cramping today and my CM has been quite dark today image anyone else having this?  I do know slight cramping is normal! x

  • Wouldn't say my cm was really dark, been noticing it more but my wee has been very dark! I drink loads of water aswell image I had quite bad cramping Wednesday and Thursday but all seems ok now! Sickness is becoming worse retching all the time (no actual sick though). How can something the size of a grain of rice cause so many things lol x
  • angwass2 , my first scan is the exact same date as yours!!! How funny!!xx
  • I haven't even referred myself to the midwife yet so haven't even got a date for booking in!

    I have my scan in London on Wednesday. I am being rescanned at EPAC on the 10th and then they will book me in for reassurance scan and probably move it from 8 weeks to 9 instead.

    I'm just praying on Wednesday they see what they should.

    My pregnancy symptoms come and go which worries me. Anyone else's not constant?
  • Apologies everyone - was just trying to replicate that annoying blank post thing that happens to folks every now and then.

    Looks like I succeeded! We'll get working on a fix for this now.




  • Hey ladies,

    Angela - how are you today? When you say your cm is dark, do you mean brown-ish?

    Stacey - yeah, I keep retching but I am not sick. Do you get it the same every day of does it come and go? Mine seems to have eased off today, but yesterday and thursday were pretty bad.

    Leigh - great news about moving. I bet you are excited!

    I am jealous that you all have your scan dates! I want mine too image I§ve got my booking app a week on Tuesday and hope they will book a scan in there and then. Our hospital - mw referral system seems to work slightly diffrently over here - booo. Got my early scan on Thursday and I´m pooping my pants, but keep thinking that it must be ok! Positive thinking is the key to happiness and should bring good things to you - so I am told .


  • Hi Judy,

    I couldnt decide whether it was brown discharge or not but later yesterday I started spotting and was also throwing up and still spotting a little today. There isnt blood every time i go toilet and it isnt a massive amount but I also feel sick again today!

    I have an appointment at hospital on Thursday so hoping they will do an early scan as kept help but worry image my boobs arent hurting like they always have but do still feel sick! Just hoping its a blip and bean is ok x
  • Hi Angela,

    Try to call the epu, they should take you in straight away honey! I really hope that you and the little bean are ok. How far along are you now?


  • I am 8 weeks today! I rang them yesterday and they said earliest they can see me is Thursday and if it gets heavy or painful then to go a&e x
  • Hi Everyone,

    I had my first scan earlier last week, so far so good it showed that I was 7 weeks and 5 days and that the second hurdle has been overcome successfully as belly bean is in the right place.

    Belly bean literally does look like a little bean in the scan so at least my name has been quite apt.

    I had Wednesday sickness which was so bad I got sent home from work, but since then just constantly queasy - not too bad though.

    I keep having really bad dizzy spells but I normally have low blood pressure so i think its being pregnant is making it worse.

    Oh Ang - I really hope that everything is ok, I heard that some bleeding can be quite normal so try not to worry too much yet. Fingers crossed for you and your little bean.

    Hope everyone else and their beans are doing well.



  • No mine varies, notice it more in evenings prob cos I'm just sitting up on the sofa. I've been getting some quite painful cramping, no spotting or anything though! Got my first midwife appointment thursday, hopefully get scan date. I'm presuming she will stick with my last period date, I paid for an early scan which has put me back 3wks, but I don't think I'll mention it cos a lot of ppl say ur dates will prob change again by 12wks! X

  • Hi Ladies, I had a private scan on sat only to be told that the sac was there and in the right place! She put me at 5 weeks although it's 7 weeks since af. I was really disappointed because if we'd been advised to wait 2 weeks we'd have seen a heartbeat! I feel we've just wasted our money!! will now have to wait for 12 week NHS scan as can't afford another private one!image

    Bunz- I'm same as you with dizzy spells; they seem to be getting worse! Luckily I'll be seeing the midwife tomorrow so I'll see what she says.

    Good luck angwass2, I hope everything is fine!!

    Like you stacey, I don't think I'll mention my private scan!

    Hope everyone is well xxx 

  • Well I have my scan tomorrow at St Mary's in London and am already feeling some what nervous.

    Travelling up today and staying over as appointment is at 10.15 and didn't fancy a super stupid start!

    Can't believe what a long journey it seems to have gotten here and I am only 6 weeks - going to be a long process!

    How is everyone else doing? Anyone else got scans soon? Xx
  • Hi everyone, I know this sounds really weird but I woke up last night and didn't feel pregnant any more, not sure what feeling was missing but something did not feel right. I have had no bleeding so that's a good sign, right? But my boobs don't feel sore and my nipples don't look dark any more, I am sure I am being crazy paranoid but it made me feel a little uneasy, and I though I was doing so well with not being overly worried about bean!! Any one else suddenly stopped having sore boobs, I am about 9 weeks pregnant, 10 weeks on friday?.

  • Oh and just got a letter my next scan is due on the 11th March. seems so long away!! 

  • That seems quite late bunz, u will be over 14wks then! I feel like that I'm sitting here at the minute and don't feel pregnant, mine comes and goes, some days boobs hurt other days they don't! I've had bad migraine last couple of days and been retching a lot, I've had to start taking paracetamol! What I've found strange is going by my last period I'm 10wks 1day, but after having early scan I'm only 7wks 3days! So I've been getting symptoms since 3wks, so had them for past 4wks now, my boobs aren't as painful but my sickness is getting worse! X
  •   I'm the same Stacy, boobs are still sore but nowhere near as painful as they were but yesterday I was physically sick at work and felt awful all day. Today I've been eating like a horse but feel like a completely different person, still naseaus but its a lot more bearable. My boobs were sore at 3wks, was the first sign for me I could be pregnant.

      Carioke, thanks for the advice, still haven't bought the bras but used a sports bra to see if that helped and it did so think am gonna get some, not cheap but sleep is worth it!!! Oh and I'll be six weeks this Thursday. 

    My docs appt went well by the way, was just to tell doc am pregnant, she asked me some questions and said seemed to be doing everything right. Am going back thurs though coz had small amount of brown discharge too (think its just old blood) and I'm sure its pretty normal but just to be safe. Oh and as long as it all goes well, my first appt with midwife and for scan will be at 12wks!! Seems miles away...

  • Hi ladies,

    Well I mentioned a few days ago that I started spotting on Friday and it has literally been on and off since then, up until today.  I went to A&E yesterday as I felt the bleeding was getting worse and I was booked in for a scan today.


    I am sooo happy to say that little bean is fine and measuring exactly as it should be, 8+3 image also just wanted to mention that since the spotting started on Friday I also don't have the symptoms that I did have.  I felt nauseous and was physically sick 3 times on Friday, felt bloated and my boobs were very tender but since Friday I literally have none of those things but as I say baby is doing good image

    Here is my early scan pic:



  • Fantastic news angwass, great scan pic too! so glad all is ok xx

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