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  • Stacey1986 glad all going well for you. Got booking appt at end of week. Hopefully your appetite will settle soon. I can't stop eating!
  • I am hoping there is a different one attached to our GPs now else I wilk be finding out how to have a different one!

    I think people just don't think. My GP knows everything that has happened and how I have struggled to cope.

    He said how lucky I was to have had 2 scans already at 6 ish weeks.

    I feel so lucky. 7 losses in 2 years before I was even 28. Over the flipping moon.

    I wish I was naively pg not dreading what I might find when I go toilet!

    I am off for another scan this morning and I am scared shitless that they will say they can't find the baby. 

    Not lucky atall!k

  • Good luck anxiousmummy!


    Well I seem to be coming down with a cold...I have a lovely ulcer in my mouth and also a runny nose!  If there are any germs flying around work...I seem to be the one to welcome them with open arms!!! image

    How is everyone else doing? x

  • Hi ladies,

    Anxiousmummy - how did it go this morning? I know, some midwives should not do the jobs they are doing because the cannot show empathy and offer the support we need. Hope it all went well for you chick!

    Angela - how are you feeling? Is the morning sickness still getting you? I hope the cold goes as fast as it appeared - it must be horrible. I hope the bleeding has stopped completely!

    Stacey - exciting about the scan indeed. Are you still feeling sick?

    How is everyone else?

    I am feeling a bit better today, felt sick on Saturday and yesterday and I traveled on a ferry across the channel yesterday so that was not nice. The ferry journey lasted 3.5 hrs instead of 2 and it was wobbly and bumpy and I felt sooo sick, I had to put my head down on the table and stay in that position for 2 hours image Today seems to be ok, but to be honest, I would rather feel sick image My boobies are still sore so it is all ok. Got my booking in appointment tomorrow morning and will ask if I can get a scan before the end of Feb - might be optimistic, but I want to ask if they can give me a date tomorrow. I hate waiting for letters and post image


  • Hi Judy,

    I have on/off days with the sickness and today is a day where I constantly keep gipping and I feel like I'm going to be sick.  I'm having to run to the toilet every 5 minutes at work because I'd rather go toilet and not be sick than sit in my chair and be sick image I kinda feel like I want to stick my fingers down my throat and just get it over and done with as I think I'd feel better but I am not someone that can make myself sick.  Oh the joys image 

    The bleeding has completely stopped and not had any since last Wednesday, which is great!  I have a Dr's appointment tonight as I am not sure if I have an infection or something as my discharge is quite bright yellow and I am sure that's not normal so going to get checked image


    Urggghhh I can't do ferries when not pregnant so can totally relate to you there...I am not good at all on any type of boat and am generally sick haha.  Hope you get your scan before the end of Feb and fingers crossed for your getting a date there and then!  My scan is two weeks tomorrow, can't wait image


    I need to ring my midwife as well as I weren't given any maternity notes when I saw her and on my letter for my scan it says to take them with me, so need to check up on whether I should have some or not but I am going to ask my GP about it tonight and if they don't know then I shall ring my midwife tomorrow xx

  • Glad everyone's getting on ok and what a relief for you AngWass that all was well with the baby. I had a week of spotting (and some bright red blood) at 5-6 weeks and I was so convinced it was all over but the scans showed everything was fine. And the upside is that I've already had two scans!

    I spoke to my antenatal unit today (Kingston Hospital - anyone else from round there?) and they are so busy that they haven't yet booked in any appointments for 12 week scans for women due after 30th August. Looks like 13.5 weeks is the earliest I'll get to see the baby again....plenty of time for me to convince myself that something is terribly wrong again!! I'm so neurotic. image

    We were skiing last week which was great fun. I took it pretty easy and I'm a confident skiier so I wasn't worried about safety. The cold, fresh air was the ultimate morning sickness cure too!

    I've got a cold now, but trying to limit myself to Vicks VapoRub and vitamin C rather than risking any stronger meds. xx



  • Sorry ladies I will make a better reply I just need to get this in!!!

    HappySurprise I was told we are NOT allowed to use vaporub or any menthol medication as that was what I was using when I too had a cold but got strict instruction not to use it xx

    Sorry ladies will reply better later xx
  • Hi Leigh, thanks so much for your message. I just did a quick google and found this on the NHS site:

    It does say Vicks is safe to use in pregnancy, but I'd be really keen to understand your doc's reasoning for advising against use. Gosh, we get such conflicting advice about what is and isn't safe, don't we?! I feel like maybe I should just stay in bed for 9 months with nothing except water and folic acid, just to be on the safe side!!!

    Thanks again for your concern, very much appreciated. xx

  • See she didn't give me any reason why I couldn't use it, I started by asking her what I could take for my cold as I had a dry scratchy cough which was keeping me awake at night and started causing me rib and back pain so I was doing the whole vaporub on the soles of my feet that everyone suggested I even rang the NHS 111 and she said it was fine but then the midwife said absolutely not... But then she was a witch!! I just thought I would share what I was told with you... But if you've been told it's fine to use I don't know of any reason why not, it just says in the leaflet not to rub on your chest if breast feeding but we're not there yet so I can't thing of any harm it would do xxx
  • I saw my prawn and heart was beating away and measured 9.5mm which is about right for 7 weeks apparently image

    Booked in for a reassurance scan in 2 weeks time! image xx

  • Hello ladies,

    anxiousmummy - that is fab news! I bet you are really pleased image

    Leigh & HappySurprise - we always get conflicting advice and it is annoying especially when you are trying to do everything right! I only know about sore throat sweets, the only thing you should use are Lockets and it says on the pack that they are safe in pregnancy.

    Stacey - how are you doing hun?

    As for me, I had my booking in appointment yesterday and it all went well. I told the mw about my mmc last year and asked if she could get me a scan exactly at 12 weeks. She called the scanning dept and got a date - 27th February @ 11:20 am, I will be 12w+2 so it is ideal. I said that I will not go for the Nuchal Scan and downs testing. I would never terminate a pregnancy so there is no point! They did my bloods and everything and should get my results in 2 weeks when I go for my scan. To say that I am terrified is an understatement image I didn't feel sick yesterday morning, but it kicked in in the afternoon and carried on and I am still feeling sick today. I am trying to eat healthy so the little one has all the vitamins it needs image

    I was gonna ask you ladies, is honey safe in pregnancy? I read conflicting reviews. people say no because it is not pasteurised but the food standards agency says that it is safe in pregnancy but not while breastfeeding. I do have honey in my tea and sometimes I have it for breakfast with a banana and walnuts. What do you think?


  • Hi Judy,

    Glad everything went well....your scan is 2 days after mine...yippeee!! image I will only be 11+3 when I have mine done so was very surprised I got that date to be honest but can't wait to see little baby again and finally be able to tell everyone.  Me and my OH also decided against the Nuchal Scan and downs testing as we said it wouldn't make any difference so was pointless.  I think if you have no intention of aborting if it came back high risk then I don't see the point in putting yourself through it...what will be will be.

    Even though I had the scan done last week I am still scared and can't wait to see baby in 13 days time.  I am sure the terrified feeling never goes away to be honest.  I have good and bad days re sickness....monday was a really bad day and I was running to the toilet every two minutes as I was constantly gipping but FX the last two days I have felt ok.  I have also noticed that my waist is now getting thicker as it used to dip in before and now it doesn't haha....not put any weight on though as I keep a check on it.

    I went to the Dr's Monday as I thought I may have an infection but they did a swab and said to ring back next week but she said everything looked fine and it didn't look like I had an infection and to be honest since then I haven't had the symptoms I had been having so all is good image


    How is everyone else doing?  How is everyone's symptoms? Anyone struggling to get in clothes or anything yet? xx

  • Hi ladies, glad to hear your all doing well.

    Me and DF went up to the EPU today as my symtoms have almost vanished and I was getting sort of a tugging feel in my lower tummy,

    We were lucky enough to have a scan today and got to see babies heartbeat and it beating my uterus up!!!! They said they think I'm getting a urine infection and that is why I am having slight pain.

    Got my 12 week scan in 13days so we are looking forward to that aswell.

    She only measured me at 7+4 today but she wasn't a fully trained sonography so will wait and see what they say on the 25th.

    Have put my mind at ease for now so I can sleep well tonight xx

    Doctor has signed me off work for 2weeks as everything was getting to much so have some time to myself to relax and not worry about working.

    How is everyone getting on today?x
  • so happy for you Leighxx, I've got my 2nd early scan this Sat as 2 weeks ago was too early to see much, just the sac. I'm so hoping to see a heartbeat!! so hard not to worry after a mmc; lying on that scan bed is so daunting!! 

    I'm still not getting much in the way of morning sickness! but my nesting instincts have gone mental; I can't stop cleaning!! I can't believe my work colleagues haven't sussed!!!

    Hope everyone is ok xxx

  • Thank you carioke, I know I was convinced she wasn't going to find anything and that I wasn't even pregnant so it was lovely to see.

    Hope your next scan shows a heartbeat and a little dancing bean!!xx
  • Hi everyone. Pick your brains. I've luckily been feeling fine so far 9+1 but noticed in last couple days bit of blood in urine. No pain or anything though. Got midwife tomo but do you think just infection?

    Plus any1 having issues brushing teeth? Had to buy kids toothbrush as gagging so bad.

    Nice to hear your scans are all ok! I love anxiousmummy calling baby 'prawn'- so cute!
  • Hi JP2, how did it go with the midwife? Sounds like it was probably a UTI, but it's important to get it diagnosed and treatment as soon as you can...not least to put your mind at rest! Let us know how it's going today. 

    Anyone else's morning sickness starting to clear up yet? I'm 10+1 today and I've definitely noticed I'm feeling a bit less sick and my food aversions are less violent! 

    But, just as one symptom starts to clear another flares up: SPOTS! I look a bit like  a teenager and have had to start wearing some makeup to cover them. Anyone else suffering? I'm using Mario Badescu (nothing else seems to be pregnancy safe) and Eve Lom rescue mask and having sooooome success, but still spottier than I would like to be! xx

  • Hi JP2 - I gag most times when brushing my teeth and it is rather annoying!!  I must say I have had a few days where I have gagged at most things throughout the day haha.


    Hi HappySurprise - I'll be honest I think I have kinda been a lucky one re morning sickness....I have 'felt' sick most days, mostly when I am hungry but I have only been physically sick on one day.  I am 10 weeks tomorrow and have noticed over the last few days that's it is getting less and less that I do start to feel sick.  I know some people have struggled to get out of bed in a morning with morning sickness so I do feel lucky in that sense.  Although some days the feeling of being sick has been quite bad where I've wanted to stick my fingers down my throat as I thought I'd feel better after being physically sick haha.  Oh the joys! 

    I have found that I am getting spots quite badly on my back but not so bad on my face.  I have also found my skin on my face to be dryer than it used to be.  I still feel quite bloated and feel like I am actually showing and I have got thicker around my waist area.  How are you feeling on that side of things?  I am having to wear a scarf most days to cover my tummy up so no one at work guesses image It is my first too.  My OH keeps telling me that he can tell I've got bigger too but I have been weighed and I haven't put any weight on x

  • Absolutely - my tummy has actually been "showing" since about 6 weeks. I think it is primarily bloating as it is worse after I eat, but even when my tummy is empty I still have a mini bump. Weirdly, I've actually lost a lot of weight since I've been pregnant - almost half a stone and I was only 8 and a half stone to begin with (I'm short and majorly flat chested - hoping boobs are a bonus of pregnancy!!). It's the lack of appetite which has done it, but I'm assured it's quite normal and nothing to worry about. Oh and since I found out I was pregnant just after Xmas, I was probably at my heaviest to begin with!!xx

  • wondering if I can join you all, got my surprise BFP on January 25 after 7 and a half years of trying with 3 early miscarriages. Had my dating scan on February 3rd, and was 6 weeks 1 day and saw the heart beat. I thought I was going to die of nerves before the scan! Because I'm high risk, I go for another scan on Feb 24th, and I'm SO nervous for that one already. My EDD is September 27th. We have told most of our family, as they ask me every 5 minutes if I'm pregnant any way, and I'm sure if the worst happens will need a lot of support. I've been very sick, with every symptom under the sun, but I've waited so long for this baby that I'm loving every second of it! image

    I noticed most all of you are in the UK, I'm in Arizona, but used to live in Hampshire, and my husband was in the british army for 5 years. He was in Iraq in 2006 when I was pregnant with my daughter, and I really miss the community and support from all my British friends! I'd move back tomorrow if I could, although I would miss the sunshine! 

    Hope you are all well, praying for lots of healthy happy babies in September! 

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