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Excited but nervous!!

Hi Ladies due in Sept, I had my docs app today and she told me I can have a private scan at 7 weeks if I wanted because I had a mmc last April. Excited but also very nervous!! My first midwife app is 3rd Feb!!

I'm 5+3 today and want to tell everyone but I'm going to hold off until I'm sure all is going well. 

how is everyone feeling?



  • Hi,

    I have not even thought about seeing the midwife yet, how did I forget that? Lol

    I'm 4+4 and already told more people then I should but I can't help it I'm soooo excited!

    I am feeling good in general just get tired easily, sore (.)(.) and weeing a lot....

    how about you?

  • Awwww congrats! Fiona I can't believe your first is 8!! How's little one getting on at school? X

  • Yes, always going for a wee, my hubby said that's how he knew I was pg!!

    also tired and sore boobs, feel sickly on and off but ok really!

    I've left it too late really;my ds is 10!!


  • Louisa- I know it's scary, our babies grow up too fast. My youngest is doing really well thank you, and your little girl?

    Carioke- going for a wee 3 times in an hour is what made me test, and that my nipples were so sensitive!

    What time of day did you test? I tested late sat night and it took a while for a faint line to come up, it was agonising waiting for 10 Sunday morning for the shops to open to buy more. Then I took a digital and it was so good to see that magic word 'pregnant'

  • She's fab thanks hun very excited to meet her lil sis just a waiting game now she's breech atm so back in at hospital tomorrow to discuss options. Awww I'm so pleased for u guys xx

  • I tested mon afternoon on cd31 and it was negative so I waited til thurs and did one first thing and it was a faint positive then the cb digi i did on the sat cd36 said pregnant 1-2 weeks, I must have implanted quite late!

    Good luck for tomorrow LH86!


  • Thanks hun x

  • Aw congrats Carioke on your BFP. I remember you from ttc thread and to you Fiona, though just posted my congrats on another thread for you... best wishes to you LH86. Xx
  • Thankyou Dmari3, I remember you too xx

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