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Anyone experiencing cramping? I'm 5+1 per "normal cycle" although I think I'm a few days ahead. I keep getting cramping although seems to vary position. I'm trying to think all is well but after 4 miscarriages it's hard not to think the worst xx


  • Hi Hun I had loads of cramping at the beginning of my pregnancy even had a small amount of bleeding and I'm 17 weeks now image I know you can't help being scared but lots of people get it try not to stress xxx
  • im 8wks ( just found out) and I was having cramping and I felt like my period was coming and started to panic, but Ive been reassured its normal to feel like this. so im trying not to stress either like yourself but I always think the worst before too. just try and relax, that's my plan! image xx

  • Yeah I had cramping and bleeding right through to 10 weeks then it just stopped x

  • I had a scan yesterday as cramping was one sided. Saw a pregnancy sac and yolk sac in my uterus. They are rescanning in 10 days to check all is well then will rearrange my reassurance scan probably nearer 9 weeks.

    Also off to St Marys clinic on Wednesday for a scan as they are currently treating me with 150mg aspirin x
  • I had really strong cramping starting even before my BFP and it continued pretty continuously until about 8 weeks. At first, it was very focussed on my left side and for one week was accompanied by bleeding and brown spotting so I had to have a scan to rule out ectopic. All was fine and we saw first the yold sac and then a reassurance scan the following week showed a heartbeat and everything on track. At 9+5, I'm still getting the odd cramp each day. Please don't worry, as far as I can tell it is completely normal and is due to all the stretching and increased blood flow to your uterus. That being said, if it is accompanied by bleeding or spotting, do contact your EPAU as soon as you can xx

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