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Hi I'm due October 13th and have a question for you ladies. I'm awfully paranoid its unreal. I also don't have a midwife appt between the first and second scan. I haven't felt much movement yet except at 13 weeks when I was bruised inside from the sonographer being so rough with me. I am wondering if any of you felt these first movements on their cervix and whether this is something to worry about. I keep feeling twinges there the last few days and I'm paranoid about having an incompetent cervix but sometimes it feels like a twinge, other times like a movement. I know the baby liked the very bottom of my womb as the sonographer was rough to try and dislodge him/her from it. Anyone? Thanks x


  • Hi huni

    Didnt want to read and run, is it worth calling your midwife and just ask to be seen, just tell them how your feeling and whats on your mind, the may offer to have a little listen or send you for a reasurance scan? iv not felt movements like i did with my son yet but i am only 14 weeks, i do feel a lot of funny popping sensations low down in my left side at night time but thats bout it so far, im tryng not to worry too much as im still very early for movments, i was told from 18 weeks on wards x

  • Hi Samantha,

    I literally felt what I thought was baby on two occasions when I about 14 just felt like bubbles going from the bottom of my tummy to the top and then I felt nothing until I was 17+5 when I could feel what I think are kicks or elbows etc and I have felt them every day since.  Some days she is more active then others.  I am now 20+4....guess you are about 16 and half weeks from your due date? 


    My midwife also told me with your first baby that you may not feeling anything till anything from 18 to 22 weeks.  If you are feeling worried though I would ring your midwife and just ask them to pop the doppler on as it wouldn't hurt!  I saw my midwife at 16 weeks and it does put your mind at ease.  I couldn't imagine going from 12 to 20 weeks without seeing anyone



  • Yeah u were right 16.and a half weeks. Its my third pregnancy and this is different from what I remember with my other two. I might call the midwife on monday but last night I felt the same feeling but and it felt like maybe the baby was playing cos twice after a feeling on my cervix there was a feeling just above my csection as if s/he had propelled himself with his feet and another part of the body hitting off me. Xxx
  • I must say though the cervix area is more sensitive than my tummy. Xx
  • hi huni 

    i have the same sort of scar across the top of my knicker line and thats where i feel my movement xxx

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