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Help! any ideas?

Anoushka is 8 weeks on Sunday she was a month premature. Since she was born she has been in the routine of bottle and then put down for a sleep, this has been going well an i know as she gets older she is more alert an will spend more time awake. But lately she has been having bottles but refusing all day to be put down and cries. I have tried ignoring her when i know she has been fed, been winded and doesn't need changing and she is tired as she starts to fall asleep on me. She will go in her moses basket or her chair an start to fall asleep but will wake herself up after 5-10 minutes and then cries an cries until she is picked up. I have tried re-positioning her but nothing is working and i even try a soother. I am going out of my mind as i can't seem to get anything done at all. She doesn sleep from 10pm til around 3-5am has a bottle an then has an hour but then thats it til around 10pm again. 

Please help! im going out of my mind! image


  • It's difficult, it could just be a bit of a stage that she's going through and will hopefully come out of soon as it's hard when you can't do anything and it's hard to listen to sometimes too. 

    It might help to use a carrier or sling so she will at least be with you and perhaps not so upset - although you will be hands free so that you can still get things done around the place.

    Other then that I am not sure what to suggest. Can't believe she is 8 weeks already... and I am still expanding - will this baby ever come out?!

  • Thanks hun im goin to try the sling an see if i can make a home made one they are so expensive! an they aren't in them long!. I have searched on google an someone was saying that babies this age do this because they are realising they are apart from their mum an they also don't remember the last time they were put down only that your doing it now an that they really do need u.

    So im hoping that this will be a stage she grows out of an just thank god she sleeps during the night! lol x

  • Hiya hun , sorry to hear you're having a hard time , it's distressing to hear them cry isn't it . I found a sling invaluable , got a reasonably cheap one off ebay , will have a check n see for sure what it's called , it was £15 odd , just a wwrap but really good n could get on with jobs n just to have a snuggle , did some research n apparantly babies who have been carried in slings have less separation anxiety when they're older , hope things settle soon lovely , 8 weeks have flown haven't they x x 

    How are you doing MrsP3 , hopefully not much longer for you now , looking forward to hearing your birth story really soon x x 

  • Thanks hun ill have a search around. 

    I know it's horrible especially when you go to pick them up an they give u that little sad look like ''how could you leave me!...'' lol x

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