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  • Bless him, does it hurt him alot!
  • Simone,

    He was sobbing at the table. When I looked the abscess has doubled in size. Previously it has burst when it gets to a certain size which is why he's not had pain for a while. But for whatever the reason it hasn't burst and so causing him pain. As he has been constantly fighting the infection since April he gets a lot of temperatures and looking run down. His appetite isn't great at the best of times and just lately it's been worrying. I have got him prepared for Thursday as he is having his tooth out with just gas and air and then the local aneasthetic. I really need him to let them take it out, it's the only way he can recover from this.

    Sorry, I've gone on a bit.


  • Bless him, that must be awful for both of you. Tell him from me and Jessica that he is a very brave boy and hope the pain goes xx
  • Thanks Simone image

    He has just come downstairs. I'll dose him up before bedtime so he sleeps ok tonight.

    I'm going to take a before and after photo!! He's already excited about the tooth Fairy visiting!!!!

  • Is his face swollen!

    I really sympathize with him as i had an abscess before Christmas and the pain was worse than giving birth

  • No luckily, his face is not swollen, i'm hoping it won't get that bad. I'm going to work to get the prescription so he'll be on the antibiotics tomorrow after school.


  • Ah Zoe, poor little man.  He's been very brave.

    He's put up with this for so long now.   1 more week to go. Will they prescribe him pain killers for after, or will he be ok on calpol?

    It must been driving him bonkers.

    Nicola, I love how they put a sentence together. Its so sweet.

    It brings a tear to my eye sometimes, with the things she says. And she is so funny.

  • Hi all i have a 06 child mollie will be 2 on the 26 july she is a little madam now started having huge temper tantums lately if she cant get her own way

    mollie still has a nap she has it at about 10.30 and will sleep till 12pm i get her lunch ready then get her up or she will be grumpy and wont get up i have tried a later nap but she will fall asleep at the table while having her lunch 

  • Hi all,

    How are you and the little ones doing today?

    I've had two bad nights again with Charl due to her back molars. She's ok in the day then come the early hours her cheeks are bright red and she's red hot to the touch. She's hardly eating too as her mouth is so sore. Any suggestions gratefully received!! Charl never goes off her food, well hardly ever, and it's not nice to see her not eating when she has such a good appetite normally.

    Jack has his tooth out on Thursday morning, so i'll be sick of problem teeth by the end of the week!!!! I have got him a Dr Who t shirt this morning from Asda, he'll have a visit from the tooth fairy and we are going to Skeg racing this weekend so he'll be pampered as a reward. I'll let you know how he gets on.

    Take care, xx

  • Morning Zoe,

    Oh your two are really suffering at the mo. I hope it dosen't go on too long.

    The only thing I can think of is for Charl to have a knaw on a cold wet flannel, and the good old faithful calpol.

    As for her appetite, I know thats very unlike her as she's so good with her food normally. I would just offer her cereal maybe instead of dinners. And fruit purees/pouches and yogurts and cheese so she's not having to chew. Maybe give her a couple of extra bottles too.

    Sorry I'm not a lot of help.

    I feel pants today.

    I took katelin to a baby/toddler group this morning and she had a great time. She just didn't want to tidy up at the end and cried and threw herself on the floor when she had to put the trains back.  A tad embarressing but hey ho, image something for the perfect mums with the perfect children to watch.

    Might get to actually catch up with you properly one day!!!!!!


    Hi Emma,

    When will Molly be 2.

    Katelin started to have a few practice moments before her 2nd birthday too.

    I am finding girls to be harder work than my boys were, how about you?

    Look forward to chatting again soon

    Take care

    lucy x

  • Thanks Lucy,

    I'm all stocked up in the medicine department. I have bought some ice cream and ice lollies today so will try her on one of those later. As for her appetite, at least she has some weight to her so a few days on not much isn't a problem like it would be for Jack.

    Don't worry about Katelin, they all test the boundries, I should know!!LOL!! Charl is far better these days I had most of her terrible two's from 18 months onwards she understands compromise a little better and I have learned how to handle her and get the result I want most of the time. There is no such thing as a perfect mum and perfect kids, they just think they are.

    Take care, xx

  • LOL Zoe, I know you're right.
  • Plenty of calgel/bonjela helped with rileys and i agree with lucy,if she dont want hard food stick to yougarts and stuff. I let riley eat when he was hungry as he to didnt eat much.

  • Charl has sucked on an ice lolly but that's all she's been interested in. I can't get anywhere near her with bonjela or calgel. She's taking her medicine though so that's all I can do.


  • Good luck tonight Zoe. Hope she has a much better nightimagepoor little love.

    I've had agood look in Katelins mouth and she dosen't have them yet, so I have this to look forward toimage

  • Hi lucy mollie will be 2 on the 26th july (if she reaches it LOL) she has been a right little madam

    i find girls to be harder than the boys she is in to everything has been since she was crawing and she has been walking since she was 13mnths2wks and climbs everything and falls off then gets up and does it again and again and having huge temper tantums if she cant get her own way

    mollie is still teething she is getting her molars and then she has got to get her back teeth to come though she goes off her food when she is teething  

  • Emma,

    Not long to go til Mollie's birthday, have you made any plans yet?


  • we are having a tea party for her i have started buting her presents already not sure what to get her i have bought her 2 fifis one is a learning fifi it does your childs rountine when you programme it and the other one is a talking fifi she is fifi mad and im getting her a picnic play set out of tesco she likes making food and feeding her dolls apart from that i dont have any ideas on what to get her i have found buying for boys easier if you got any ideas i would be grateful thank you
  • Charlotte likes Fifi too. For her birthday she had the push along Mo which she loves and we got her a couple of the Fifi dvd's from woollies. Someone also got her a Fifi garden set with watering can, plant pots, trowel. That went down well with her.

    We also got her some stickle bricks, she plays with them for ages, and things to do with ITNG.


  • Morning Zoe

    How is Charl today, hope her teeth are feeling a bit better xx

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