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  • Hi Simone,

    I know I sent you a text, but I'll just let the others know that Charl slept for 8 hours last night. She didn't eat breakfast this morning and I'm waiting for her to come home so I don't yet know how she has been today, i'll let you know in abit.

    Hope you have had a good day.


  • It's not good.....Charl has been sick all afternoon image. I hope it's not a bug.


  • Oh no Zoe, poor Charlotte image

    Hope she's feeling better tomorrow xx

  • Hi girls,

    How are we all doing?

    Charlotte is making us laugh at the moment. Her speech is far more advanced than Jack was at this age. Her new saying for things she doesn't like is " eeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr disgusting!" It's so funny!!


  • hi im fine kids are fine

    mollies speech is  much better than the boys was at that age

    mollie is really clever for her age  

  • Would you say it's a girl thing then Emma? Charl is far more forward than Jack was at this age. She is about ready to potty train, I could have probably done her by now but need the time to concentrate on her like I did for Jack so holding back til after our weeks holiday. Her vocabulary is wider and her sentences are good too.

    That's probably why she doesn't sleep well, there's so much going on in her head?!

  • i would say its a girl thing she is so much more forward than the boys was at this age i think mollie will be ready for potty training in a few months a lot earlier than the boys was they were both a month before there 3rd birthday
  • Mollie is teething again bless her  she is clingy and dribbling loads and she has got a cough and cold so she is really whinging and wants me all the time she will only go to daddy if i am busy

    how is everyone 

    mollie will be 2 next saturday cant believe it has come around so quickly and that she is 2  

  • Hi Emma,

    I was the same when Charlotte was two back in Feb, she'll be 2 and a half next month, that scares me!!!

    Have you got plans for a birthday party? The weather should be ok for you.


  • Hi Everyone.

    Hope you are all ok.

    Charlotte this week has seemed to decide to start dropping her daytime nap. Not everyday but more often than not. She is sleeping better at night as a result but she manages still to stay awake til around the 9 o'clock mark!!! Still it's all going the right way!!


  • well done charlotteimage

    mollie still has a daytime nap she still needs it or she will fall asleep at the dinner table she can stay up past 9 some times if she has a late sleep

  • Thats brilliant Zoe, i bet you feel so much better now you are getting a proper night sleep.

    Jessica still has a two hour nap in the day, but i won't let her sleep past 3pm, otherwise she won't go to bed till late!

  • Hello,

    How are you all?

    We are back from our holiday and have to say Charl has been fantastic. She has slept really well and not had a tantrum all week!! She even surprised both me and James at stock car racing on Thursday as she was an angel all meeting. It goes to show she is growing up fast....too fast I think some days.


  • ah bless her glad you all had a great time we dont have a single day without mollie having a temper i cant believe how quickly they grow up
  • Well done Charlotte image image

    Zoe, it's great that she slept well and was on her best behaviour!!! You must be so pleased!

  • Hiya!

    I hope you are all ok, and your little ones too.

    Lucy, how's Katelin today? Did she sleep ok for you last night?

    What are you all up to? I'm busy in the house today as we are out most of the weekend. So need to change the beds, clean the bathroom etc today. I'm also having a good sort out before Lucy comes to visit!!!image

    Don't forget about this thread!!image

  • I do forget about it. Our pm list looks like the old 06 babies threadimage

    She had a few tears like I said, but slept right through till 8.45. So I think that was just a little blip.

    I had a big sort out before we went away. I have lots of clothes that Katelin has grown out of . She's finally moved on from 12-18 months stuff. Which means a whole new winter wardrobe. yippee!!!!image Cant wait. I have already seen a few things on next online that I have my eye on.

    I have offloaded one of my boys but gained another as Daniel is round his friends and Aaron has his friend here. Just going to do them all some lunch, leaving out the dairy for katelinimage and fix myself a juicy lettuce leaf and maybe even a carrot or 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Yumyum NOT!!!!

  • LOL!! Lucy my lunch was yummy. Two slices of warburtons seeded batch loaf, spread with low fat Hoummus not butter. Lean ham and salad. Not a big portion, but very yummy and an Activia yogurt for pud. imageimage

    Glad Katelin slept ok for you, that's great. I would say don't go over the top on Katelins winter wardrobe but I can't, I know how you feel, I've been eyeing up some things out the Jojo mamman bebe catalogue for Charl!image


  • I always go over the top , I cant help it. Since my pink princess was born, she has had more clothes than she can wear, but she's a lady so thats ok.

    Your lunch does sound yummy, except the pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I made my own colslaw and had that with some chicken tikka. Not bad, but would have prefered a BIG MAC!!!!!!!!!imageimageimage

    Aaron wants his little friend to sleep over tonight. I have told him if he's good then, yes. I will anyway but it dosen't hurt for them to be on their best behavior.image

    I am stuck for ideas for tonights dinner.image What are you having?

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