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  • I'm having the other portion of the chilli I made yesterday with my 50g of rice!! Not sure about the kids yet. I'll see what they fancy.

  • I need some inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I got it!!!!!!!!!. sausage and mashimage

  • My two had sausage and beans for lunch so has to be something else.
  • Well the pizza sounds delish, Zoe.
  • Morning Zoe,

    Did you get your ironing done last night. My pile is smaller but still an impressive pile.

    What time is Jack off to your mum's?

    I have my car going in for an MOT today, so fingers crossed that it passes. After that we should be going bowling.

    What you up to today? The weather here is pants!!!!

  • Hi Lucy,

    I've not been on the computer much today. Charl was an absolute nightmare last night, infact most of yesterday. I got some ironing done but no way near as much as I wanted too, so got to tackle it again tonight image.

    Today I have been very busy as the kids have been good. I have had a good sort out and tidy in Charl's room today and in the living room, getting ready for you coming!!image I've been telling them that this time next week they will have some new friends!image

    Well Jack went to my mum's at 5, so not long ago, and Charlotte was crying her eyes out as she wanted to go too and she doesn't understand what they are doing. Anyway she has calmed down now.

    Has your car passed it's MOT? I hope so!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, going to dedicate some time just to Charl, then need to do tea and the ironing, Woohoo.... I know how to live!!


  • Ah poor little Charl. Bless her. We will make up for it next week, I promiseimage

    I loved what you said about this time next week having new friends. Thats so nice!image

    And whoopee, my car passed!!!image I was so worried as it could have meant our adventure was postponed, PHEW!!!!!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend with Char, and enjoy the SCR.

    Chat later xxx

    Ps I will ring you Wed night to finalise thingsimage Oooh I cant. image

  • Evening,

    Not sure if me and Charl are going SCR with James yet as it's forcast rain tomorrow, so will have to see what we think tomorrow.

    I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pleased your car passed image, I would have had to get James to drive us down to you if it hadn't image.

    Jack is really excited to meet Daniel and Aaron and show them the wii and his Dr Who things and I'm sure Charl will enjoy having another girl around. How is Katelin today?

    Look forward to chatting with you on Wednesday. xx

  • She's fine Thankyou. This is day 3 of no milk and there have been no new lumps so looks like its definately Hives.

    Dont blame you for not wanting to go SCR if its going to be raining all day. You can do some girly things instead.  We iced some biccies today. Its so simple but kept them amused for ages.

  • If it's a little shower every now and then we can cope with that and Chrl will be ok. But if it's a washout like they are predicting then it's a no go.

    I'm glad Katelin is ok today.

    Take care, have a good weekend, see you soon!


  • What a night last night!!!

    Charl only got me up once and so we have both had a really good nights sleep. We are not going racing with James though, the weather forecast has seen to that.

    Anyway, off to have breakfast then got to go to Tesco's before the rain gets here!!


  • Thats fab Zoe, Well done Charlotteimage Wonder what made last night different? Cant be that Jack wasn't there. Maybe it was that she'd got herself so upset when Jack left, and wore herself out? Did she go to bed earlier?

    We should be doing some food shopping too, but think I will do it online for Monday. Enjoy Tesco!!

    What have you planned now that you are staying home?

  • I'm not sure what made her sleep better. She didn't go to bed earlier than normal, it's around 9.45 to 10.30 now which is good. Anyway, whatever the reason it was nice!!

    Just made it back from Tesco in time before the rain so pleased I didn't leave it til later. Charl was happy as they have started doing a selection of girly hair things so she's had some clips.

    Not too sure what we'll do. We've been having lots of lovely cuddles which isn't like her so i'm making the most of them. Still have some housework to do but will leave that til she has her nap, and of course i'll be on and off the computer. As i'm not going racing i'll be keeping an eye on the results forum as well as nipping on here.

    What have you got planned? xx

  • Well I spent the morning doing house work, and we are popping to the shops in a bit then going round our friends tonight.

    Glad you are having a nice day with Charlimage 

    We were meant to be sorting the garden out tomorrow but as it's very wet, we wont bother. Will maybe sort out Nigels office instead. We will prob have a roast dinner tomorrow as its like autumn here.

  • hello ladies am i right in thinking this is the 06 mums forum as mums who gave birth in 06 if so i have little sophie who will be 2 on 11/11 she was born 2006 she is so well behaved im not sure why because he older sister is 4 and a right little madam so i would of thought she would of picked it up but she has not,

    hope to maybe speak again on here im quite new so dont know many people yet.

    mary and girls xxx

  • Hello Mary,

    Welcome to the 06 thread!! It's lovely to have someone new post on here.

    What are your girls names? My 06 baby is Charlotte, she was born on the 13th Feb but I also have Jack who is 5.

    Hope to see you on here again soon. xx

  • Hi Mary,

    I'm Lucy and mum to Daniel 9, Aaron 6 and Katelin 2. She's my 06 baby, born on May 7th.

    She is becoming a real little madam and has been harder work than my 2 boys were. We are in the 'throw myself on the floor if I dont get my own way' stage. Like she did today in Clarks when it was time to get back in her buggy!!!!image

    My son was due 11/11 but came on the 17th and I'm  13/11.

    Welcome to PP and hope to chat with you some more soonimage

  • Hi mary

    im emma and mum to stephen 5yrs,christopher 3yrs,mollie 2yrs she is my 06 baby born on the 26th july she has just had her 2nd birthday she is a little madam she is always having temper tantums if she cant get her own way and i also have abbie 7months

    welcome to pp look forward to chating soon   

  • Evening Zoe,

    How's your day been.?

    We've been to the Shops and bought a few bits.  Came home and the kids had their dinner then we are off shortly to our friends. We were going to walk so we could both have a drink, but I would rather go without and drive as its horrid hereimage.

    We bought Katelin some new shoes today, and she's still the same size as she was last time, so they think when her feet do grow they will grow a lot.

    6 sleeps to go. Aaron keeps asking me how many sleeps, like the sleeps will be less 10 mins after he just asked!!!!image

    Have a nice evening at the cyber party. Probably chat tomorrow at some stage.

    Bye for now x

  • Hi Emma,

    You're at that stage too then? What joy!!!!

    Did your little ones enjoy puddle splashing today?

    We went to get Katelin some Wellies today, saw some Upsy Daisy ones in Next. But they didn't have her sizeimage so will try our local Next on Monday. She's got to have them!!!!!!

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