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  • that's fantastic news!! you must be so proud!!

    i know we should be trying to potty train ben at the moment, as he's showing all the signs he's ready, but i'm just too tired, and shawn's started working, so it looks like it's going to have to wait a bit.. i can't do all the bending down and changing him all the time anymore as bump is getting in the way.

    nice to see you back on here lucy, well done on your ww.. will probably be joining you after march! meanwhile, i'm still eating all the chocolate i can get my hands on.

    completely fed up with work at the moment, am being messed around by medical staffing and another doctor who i've swapped with, and really feel like just going on leave now and contacting occupational health. have come home in a foul mood and upset every night this week, and it's been very busy on the ward. i was sposed to be having tomorrow and friday off and have found out today that i can't. i was also sposed to only work mon and tues next week and now working all week - grr.

    anyway, i could moan all night about it, so will shut up now! so glad to hear your news zoe, how's charl's sleeping going??

    anyone heard from simone recently?

  • That's a bit rough Lucy, especially at a time when you are supposed to be taking it steady. When I was full time carrying Jack I went on Mat leave at 32 weeks!!!! I was exhausted, you just don't get as much time off after the birth, so he was only 6 months when I went back. Things have changed since then I know, but if you're ready to leave then you have to think of yourself and your baby.

    Thanks for your messages about Charl. She is sleeping better but since the toilet training she wakes in the night when she wees and asks for a new nappy. I'm going to leave it a few weeks until we are really established then we may try night time too as it obviously bothers her and she knows she is doing it even though asleep.

    Take care, xx

  • Afternoon Ladies,

    Hope you're all well. I am so glad it's Friday. We have overslept twice this week.image

    Aaron was really excited today, as his class managed to fill their marble jar( they get given a marble to place in the jar for good behavior and good work) so they got a treat and their treat was to be able to take in a toy. Aaron has taken Anakin skywalker in. I just hope he behaves himself and doesn't turn the children to the dark side.image

    Not doing anything great this weekend. The boys have a party to go to, but that's about it.

    I am planning to have a sort through of all their things( clothes and toys)at some point this weekend. I also need to do the plastics cupboard in the kitchen, as they all seem to have been breeding. We have the little cups/plates/bowls from ikea and I think its time to chuck a few away. Also, need to get rid of all katelin's little weaning/ baby bowls. I have been putting it off, but there is not alot of point keeping them. She's going to be 3 this year, and is becoming more 'little girl' as opposed to a toddler( if that makes any sense?)

    Hope you have nice weekends and Lucy, I read in the lounge that you have managed to offload your 'oncalls'. Good job too. About time. Take care girls xxxxx

  • hey girls, it's still quiet!
    had a rubbish day and seriously thinking of going on maternity leave early, as was in quite a lot of pain today for the first time.. think i have the flu too image

    keep worrying about maternity pay and how it will affect my rotation, but i think i have to put this little one first and see if i can stop at the end of the week. feel bad for letting the people i work with down, but  i know it's silly to carry on if i'm not up to the job..

    got to get through this week as have assessments and things to sort out, but think friday may be my last day..

    how are all of you guys?? hope better than me xx

  • Hi Lucy,

    I replied to your post in the lounge, so I know you are having a rough time at the moment. You have to be realistic though and if things are difficult you need to go on mat leave. Afetrall you don't want those ankles to swell!!

    Things are ok ish for me. Charl is having a bad sleping phase again and we have been doing so well lately. This week has come as a shock to me but never mind. Jack was poorly last week but ok now. James still has a job at the moment so can't complain really.

    I hope your assessments go ok.


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