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  • took mollie and abbie in to town as had to go to tesco to get baby milk and mollie has been a little madam again throwing herself all over the place she wanted to walk on the way home so i let her when  we was nearly home and as it had stopped raining and she decided to jump in the puddles when i told her no and she kept doing it i tried to get her in and she refused to come in the bottom door got her in adn she refused to get in the lift i managed to get her in the lift simon was waiting at the door for me he took her and she kicked off was throwing herself back refusing to take her shoes and trousers off so simon had to hold and she was screaming and kicking him ive seen her have tantums but never that bad

    i hope this stage doesnt last for long as she is a little madam and when i tell people they say no she isnt she is lovely they should have her for day they would soon hand her back within a couple of hours

    thats my day how is everyone and what you been up to today  

  • Oh dear Emma. At least she waited till you were out of Tesco'simage  I know how you feel though. Sometimes I wish I could take their batteries out and put them back in the box!!! Not really!!!
  • Morning ladies,

    Today's the day!!

    Today is the day I am meeting my 06 cyber buddy of 1 year and I can't wait.imageimageimageimageimageimage

    See you soon Lucy!!! xx

  • hi girls did you enjoy your meet up with each other did the children have fun
  • Hi Emma,

    We had a great time thank you. Lucy is so lovely and all our kids got on really well. I have some photo's to put on but will do them either tomorrow or Monday when I have more time.

    Hope you are having a good weekend.


  • i have got the in laws coming down today and i have got a ill mollie today she has got a temp of 39.8 not sure what is wrong as that is all she got and is off her food today hope it doesnt last for to long she is very clingy as well wont let me out of her sight lucky stephen is playing with her which is very nice of him
  • Hope Mollie is feeling better Emma x x
  • How's Mollie today Emma? Hope she's feeling better. x

    And thankyou, Zoe and I and all the children had a fab timeimage

  • How's Mollie now Emma?

    Katelin is poorly too at the moment. She hasn't eaten properly since last Wednesday, and has a runny bum and she's not sleeping too well either.image

    Hope Mollie is feeling better nowimage

  • Mollie is a lot better she is back to her normal self throwing temper tantums

    hope Katelin is feeling better soon  

  • Hi Lucy,

    I can't believe Katelin is still poorly, yet she seemed so well in herself. I hope she soon gets back to normal.


  • Hows Katelin now lucyanne

    mollie is still being her naughty self she is so funny sometimes she has started to copy what you say which is so cute and funny so we have to watch what we say around her a lot more   

  • She's loads better now thanks, Emma. Although she's still not really eting properly but I guess thats going to take a while as it knocked her for 6.

    Thats so sweet about Mollie copying what you say, I bet it's really funny. Katelin sounds like an old woman sometimes then I realise that thats probably what I must sound likeimage

    So Mollie's better now then? Just Abbie struggling with her teeth?

  • Mollie is loads better yeah its just abbie struggling with her teeth mollie is still teething she has got her back ones to come though yet oh what joy i will have then as they are a pain when they come though

    she is so funny when she copies glad Kaelin is better hopefully she will be back to eating soon  

  • I hope so too. She loved her food before she was poorly. She's always eaten small amounts but lots of foods. She says 'no thankyou' to whatever I offer her.image

    Still waiting for Katelin's back teeth to come through too. She has been fine so far with all her teeth, with no trouble from them what so ever, but the back ones could be a different story.

  • Morning girls,

    Well I hope things aren't too bad for you this morning. I'm afraid I'm feeling really quite tired as Charl isn't sleeping great at the minute again image. There's nothing wrong in the sense she's eating well and there's no temperature but for some reason she's just not sleeping like she was.

    Emma, I'm glad Mollie is ok and I hope teething isn't dirsturbing Abbie too much.

    Lucy, so glad Katelin is getting better.


  • Oh Zoe, she was doing so well too. Maybe things will sort themselves out once Jack is back at school and you get back into a routine.

    Katelin isn't sleeping as well as she  was either. Maybe they planned it together!!image Little minx's!!!

  • hi lucyanne hows katelin with her eating and sleeping adn hi zoe hows charl with her sleeping

    Mollie had a huge temper tantum at the dinner table tonight she got herself really worked up she stopped eatting her dinner and we tried to make it into a game and she wasnt haveing any of it so we just took it away just dont know what to do with her she will eat when she is hungry she wont let herself starve she is a little madam  

  • She's eating ok now thanks Emma. Though she cant have a few of he favourites, And tonight is the first time in 3 weeks that she's gone to bed without crying, so I am a happy bunny.

    Oh Dear. Hope mollies tantrum over her dinner was a one off. Did you manage to stay calm?

  • i didnt i left daddy to sort it out as i will lose my patients sometimes as i have depression i find i can lose it more than him im hoping it was a one of you never know with mollie
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