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  • Oh I'm sorry Emma , I didn't realise you suffered with depression. Do you take anything for it?
  • Hi girls,

    Emma, yes thanks Charl is ok and the last two nights have been soooooo much better, she has only woke once and been back asleep within 15mins which i can cope with. I'm sorry to hear you suffer from depression but i think it's great you know when to walk away from a situation, that has got to be a good thing.

    Lucy, how are you? Is Katelin still improving daily?


  • Yes thanks Zoe. She seems fine now.

    Glad Charls sleep is improvingimage

  • hi

    yes i take tablets for my depression i have had depression since i was pregnant with stephen and after every child i have got a really nice hv so im lucky cause she helps with what she can we had tried getting funding for mollie for nursery as she can be the devils child sometimes and people dont believe me but my hv has seen it for herself but we didnt get the funding for her and i cant afford to pay for her to go to nursery so we have to wait and see if any funding will come available soon  

  • Emma, It's good you have good support.

    I can't quite believe my luck but Charl has been in bed since 9!! I'm going to go up to in a minute just incase we are up most of the night, but really hoping not as I need a good nights sleep.

    Anyway, chat to you tomorrow.


  • Monring

    I keep forgetting about this post and have not been on for agesimage

    How was your night last night Zoe, hope Charl was ok.
    Jessica had a bad night, woke at 3.15 and didn't go back to sleep till about 5.30image

    Just have to say again to Lucy THANK YOU FOR THE SOFASimageimageimageimageimage we are so pleased with them.

    Also looking forward to spending the day with you tomorrow, it will be lovely to see Katelin and Jessica play together. Tony thought she was lovely

  • Morning Simone,

    I got to sleep last night!! Yeah. From 9.45 til 5 then 5.30 til 8.30!! I am amazed and today is the first day she is in big girls pants and using the toliet/ potty. Wish me luck!!

    I'm so glad you are pleased with Lucy's sofa's. she showed me photo's of them when she visited, you have a bargin!!

    Have a good day tomorrow when you meet up.


  • Thats brilliant Zoe, hope the big girl pants go okimage

    Can't believe Lucy gave me these sofa's. it makes my lounge look so much better, as before we had one chair and a dodgy sofa that had a throw on it, that was forever falling off!

    Really looking forward to today, hope the weather cheers up

    Hope you have a nice weekend, any plans!

  • Charl doesn't want the pants on today image, but that's Charl all over. It will be down when she decides the time is right.

    As for plans, yeah we want a BBQ tomorrow seeming as we got one at the start of the year and have only used it twice!! Hoping to have a day enjoying the garden tomorrow. Then on Sunday Charl is going to get spoiled by James's parents while James, Jack and myself go SC racing at Sheffield. How about you?


  • i don't know why i've never been on here before, but ben's a July 06 baby/little man.. so maybe i can come and join in.. although i feel like a fraud as his daddy looks after him in the daytime and he's brilliant at night (i'm just touching a big piece of wood).. he normally sleeps from 8 til 7am and if he wakes up he sings himself back to sleep - although i'm sure now i've written it down he will be awake ALL night..

    am a bit scared that baby no 2 due in March is going to never sleep through - especially when i'm back to taking sleep for granted now! Zoe - how's the potty training going?

  • It isn't!! Charl has a very strong mind and today she didn't want pants on so I haven't made a fuss, She'll do it when she's ready.

    Niether of mine were good sleepers. Jack was 3 and 2 months old before he slept through the night, the same time he became dry in the day. Just coincidence I think. So if Charl is to follow the same pattern, just another 6 months to go!! Heheehehehehe.

    It's good to see you on here, the 06 section has always been quite popular image

  • Hello girls,

    How are you all today? Are your little ones behaving?? I've been at work all morning so won't see mine til later (having half a days holiday today).

    Charl has decided once again to drop her afternoon nap over the last four days, but she has still been going to bed about 10. Yesterday she was horrendously grumpy but was fast asleep in bed at 8. Not sure she is fully ready to stop the apping. Will just have to see how it goes.

    Does your 2 year old still nap?

  • Katelin goes without a nap now, more often than not, but sometimes sleep just gets the better of her and she falls asleep on the floor or the sofa. If we are at the park, she will almost definitely fall asleep when we get in.

    Does Charl tend to nap on days when she's been to nursery?

    And hello Lucy, Dont think we've chatted before. I'm also Lucy and have 3 kiddies. Katelin is my 06 baby. ( May 7th 06 )

  • No, it's normally on the days she doesn't go to nursery. But we have had a busy few days so there's always been something going on.


  • Hi Lucy, nice to meet you! How old are your other two?

    Ben went through a phase of not needing a nap during the day, but now has about an hour to 90mins sometimes.. I think Shawn tries to wear him out most days down the park or swimming etc.. occasionally he'll just keep going through the day, but you can see his eyes glazing over!

    Shawn took him swimming yesterday and Ben was really naughty and hit another little girl.. Apparently the lifeguard started blowing his whistle and ordered Ben and Shawn out of the pool saying that his behaviour was threatening and unacceptable. Shawn stupidly argued that the guy was overreacting and has now been banned for 2 weeks.. All seems a bit ott! He doesn't normally hit other children, but sometimes you never know what's going on in their heads!

    Feeling absolutely knackered today.. Got an evening meeting from 7pm til 10pm and feeling like being naughty and skiving.

    What are you guys up to?

  • Hiya Lucy,

    Well I'm back from work now, that's me done for this week. I've just had lunch and am catching up on here then I'm going to get all Jack's things ready for school tomorrow. Picking Charl up from nursery about 3 then Jack will be home about 4. you think you'll skive or will you be a good girl?image

  • nice to have work done for the week - how many days do you normally work? am having lunch at my desk and trying to get some computer work done (we have to log a lot of what we do online as evidence of continuous learning - blah blah blah!)..

    would love to skive, but one of the GPs who is in charge of me for the whole 3 years will be there and I haven't met him yet (or told him I'm pregnant!), so I should probably go. My Dad's also his accountant so I don't want him to think I'm a skiver!! I've got afternoon clinic from 3-5 and this thing's not til 7pm which is a pain in the bum!

    on a separate note, how did you and James meet? just seen you've just had your 7th anniversary - congratulations x

  • Hi Zoe and Lucy ( oooh this feels weiredimage)

    I'm doing the same in a mo Zoe, getting the boys things ready for tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to it. Katelin will miss them and so will I. Plus I have loved not rushing about in the mornings.

    Lucy, my 2 boys are Daniel who's 9 ( 10 next monthimage) and Aaron who's 6.

    OOps!!!! A 2 week ban........Sounds seriousimageimage !!!!  A little OTT maybe? Just a little talking to would have done surely?

    So go on tell us......are you skiving?????

  • Hiya girls.

    James and I have been together for 13 years image. We both had a Saturday job in a Supermarket and it went from there!!!!!

    We are just having to start doing cpd from this month and although it's not compulsory to do it online you have to get so many hours verified one way or the other, a pain really when i've been doing the job for 11 years and never had to do it before. Anyway, I'm signing up online next pay day!!

    Lucy, Hope your afternoon clinic goes well. Probably best to turn up under the circumstances!! You don't want to upset anyone now do you!!image Sounds like a late night though, do you get fed at these meetings?

    Lucyanne, I think maybe we ought to have an msn chat tomorrow as we will both be at a loose end!!


  • sadly, i think you're right and i shall have to go! just need to come to terms with it and get over it!!

    zoe -can't believe you've been together 13 years! - although not sure how old you are?

    lucy - must be scary having a 10 year old - how old are you?!! i feel like a baby now!!

    anyway, better go as my next patient is sitting in the waiting room hehe!

    talk soon, lucy xx

    ps hope the first days back go okay x

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