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06 Babies continued...…. (MFM)

Hello to all the 06 baby mums image

 As the old thread is locked we need to start a new one so here it is.

Hope you and the little ones are all ok.

Zoe xx



  • Good idea Zoe

    Took Jessica to a fete near mums today, which she loved, however i walked around it looking like i had a broom up my bumimage

    How are you all x

  • Oh dear Simone.

    Your back's still bad then?

    So, no more of our original 06 babiesimage  Never mind, we will make our new one just as memorable.

  • Zoe, just noticed you've got 73 post already!!!!!image  you are well on your way to your first 1000 and the site's not even live yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    hehehe
  • Hi girls

    Hope you are all ok

    I have got the rest of the week of as my back is still bad and seeing as i did it at work they can't say anything!

    Jessica had a bad night last night and i had to keep going into her, however you should have seen me trying to get out of bed!

  • image oopssss. I have to say, I do like it on here. Not trying to have a race.

    Charl slept really well for me last night so I'm hoping to continue in that direction for a bit. She was a little clingy this morning when I dropped her at nursery, but we had a lot of quality time yesterday as James and Jack were out, I think she was hoping for more of that today!! Oh well I'll find out soon enough if she's been ok.

    Lets see if we can get to 30 pages before Christmas!!!image

  • Oh you poor thing. I would have been lazy and tried to get her to sleep with me.

    Having said that she wont sleep anywhere except her bed!!!

    What has the Doctor said? Have they prescribed anything for you or are you just using OTC medicine?

    And do they know how long you will be like this?

  • Hi Lucy

    I did bring her in with me for 5min in the end, then put her back to bed and she went straight to sleep.

    I am taking co-dydramol and he gave me another prescription to get if my back does not improve, which i am going to get today which i can take with the co-dydramol, its called Diclofenac .

    Have not replied to your pm yet, but glad you ear is feeling slightly better are you taking anything for it

  • Hi sorry gatecrashing your thread as i dont have a baby born in 06 lol.

     Simone sorry to hear you had a bad night, is jessica teething again? I hope diclofenac works, it is really strong. Ian was diagnosed it when he was on the sick and he is still taking it occassionally after working when his joints are bad.

    Zoe i hope the good nights continue for you, and i hope charl was ok at nursery after you dropped her off.

  • I' m not an 06 mum either image, but i just wanted to say Simone sorry you had a rotten night and i hope these new pills give you some more pain relief image

  • Thanks Karen and Dawn

    Have picked up the tablets and will take one after dinner

    Jessica didn't have a sleep in the day yesterday, so i knew we would have a bad night as she does not sleep as well without a day nap

  • Well, Charl has been testing the boundaries at nursery today. Bless her!!!!

    She still hasn't napped so not looking great.image

  • Shes at that age, Jessica is trying it at home!

     Does she not sleep well without a nap

  • Simone,

    Charl still can't go with out a daytime nap and the longer it goes into the afternoon the later she'll go to bed so I try and keep her awake but if she falls asleep before 8 without a nap it's not good.image

    She ended up falling to sleep at 6.30, i tried to wake her with no joy so carried her up to bed. She was awake at 9.30! Not wide awake, still sleepy but it was 12.30 before she went back to sleep and was awake again briefly at 4.30, then 7.15. I'm glad I only have half a day at work today.


  • Oh dear Zoe, sorry you had a bad night, it is weird that they don't sleep well at night without a day nap
  • Come on ladies, we need to use this section too or we'll never get to 30 pages before Christmas!image

    How are you all doing today?

    Charl is behaving and is currently having her nap so bedtime will be good tonight. Hope all your little ones are being good.


  • Hi Zoe,

     I think Katelin has said 'good bye' to afternoon napsimage

    I can get so much more House work done when she sleeps but I have to be honest , I quite like having her company. Its just that she gets very grumpy around the time we come home from the afternoon pick up till bath time.

    I dont think her little body can take being awake for that long, so for the past week and a half she has been going to bed between 6-6.30. Nigels not happy as it means that some days he dosen't get to see her as she sleeps in till about 8.

    She's fallen in love with Mr Tumble.

  • Oh bless her. Charl likes him too!!

    In some ways I look forward to when Charlotte drops the naps and goes to bed earlier and sleeps through!!! Can't see all that happening just yet!image

    Jack hasn't eaten his tea tonight, he was crying saying his tooth hurts image so I have rung work and I'm going up tomorrow to get a prescription for him. He's having it taken out next thursday so not long to wait. He's in bed watching the Jungle book feeling sorry for himself.

    Other than that we are all ok, hope you are.


  • oh Zoe hope he feels better later.

     Lucy Tate has dropped his naps too. I like his company too! He's funny now we have some lovely chats he's such a chatterbox. I can't believe the long sentences he comes out with!

  • Hi

    I keep missing this post and the new icons are not working on all the posts!

    Poor Jack and his tooth there is nothing worse than tooth ache

  • Evening girls.

    Jack is fast asleep in bed. He has had this infection since the end of April and even after 2 courses of antibiotics it never went away image. I will be a lot happier when it has come out, as it's the root of a lot of his problems at the minute.


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