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Anyone with an 06 baby? (MFM)

Just wondered if there is anyone out there who had a baby last year? I had my daughter on May 7th 2006. wanted to chat about mile stones ect


  • hi hun
    I'M andrea and i had a girl last year on August 26th. I dont come on here very often but what do you want to know? and chat about? I'll reply asap Hun
    Andrea x
  • Hi,
    I'm Zoe, I had Charlotte on the 13th February last year. She's beautiful and angelic but she's started having the terrible two's! Every so often when things aren't going her way she throws herself on the floor regardless of where we are. It's great fun!! Is your baby talking yet? Charlotte's trying and attempting most things except saying mummy.
  • Hi,
    My name is Simone and i had a daughter called Jessica on the 12 Novemeber last year, can't believe were the time has gone!
    Hope to chat soon
  • Hi,ladies.
    My daughter Katelin is 16 months old .I also have 2 boys aged 5 and 8.Both the boys were a lot easier than my daughter. She has a very strong will.She is beginning to make her sounds sound more like words but still a long way to go. Had her weighed last week and she is 22lb. My boys were alot more at her age. Are girls meant to be that much lighter?she is also still in 9 to 12 months clothes. I agree the time has flown by,too quickly. We are not quite at the tantrum stage yet by I dont think its too far away.

    Simone, I have replyed to your post re scratching.

    Hope you are all well chat some more soon .
    Lucyanne x
  • Hi there it's Zoe. Charlotte is 19 months I haven't had her weighed recently but light is one word she cannot be described as. She is in 18-24 months clothes and is 'well built'. Jack who's four has no waist and never has. We have to put a belt on his trousers to keep them on! It's the luck of the draw I think.

    Take care. x
  • She's probably just petite Hun. I think girls tend to be lighter i know my daughter is compared to her brother was at this age.As long as she's eating well and is well in general i wouldn't worry. But if you are worried see your h/v.little ones come in all shapes and sizes and are never the same.Her language sounds right for her age in my experience.Hope that helps Hun x
  • Hi zoe.
    well at least you have no worries that Charlotte is doing well then.Has Jack started school yet?
  • Hi lucyanne,

    No, he starts tomorrow but the way I feel anyone would think it's me!

    Part of the problem is that because he's my eldest it's all new for me and it's such a big step. I'm sure we'll all be fine. I've got the tissues ready!

  • Hi Zoe
    I know what you mean. My boys started infant and junior school on the same day last year. I was a wreck even though I had my baby at home with me. I hope all goes smooth tomorrow. will he be full time in the first term?
  • Hi Lucyanne,

    He starts off part time but goes full time on the 20th of September. It's nice to break them in gently. x
  • Hi Andrea
    Thanks for replying. I know you are right its just quite a dramatic difference between my daughter and my boys weight her age. She eats well and healthily(Except at the moment as she has a tummy bug) so I should'nt worry really.
  • Hi Zoe
    How was it today when you took Jack to school?
    Were you both ok?
  • Hiya,

    He doesn't start until after lunch as he's one of the younger ones so we've not gone yet. He can't wait and keeps asking me if it's time yet while my tummy's on a rollercoaster ride! I'm sure he'll be ok i'll let you know.

    Zoe x
  • Well i've done it, my first school drop off and I didn't cry! Jack was a little shy but that was understandable as there was a lot going on. I just hope he has a good time.

    Hope everyone is ok.

    Zoe x
  • Hi Zoe
    Well done for not crying.
    A year down the line and my little boy(who was fine in year R) has cried every day since he has been back at school.I'm hoping it wont go on much longer as I dont think my nerves can cope.
    Glad your drop off went better than mine.
    Chat soon
  • Hi Zoe
    Does Charlotte feed herself? If so how old was she when she started self feeding?
    Katelin will sit in her highchair with her mouth open waiting for me to feed her. She's in no hurry to do it herself. She will with finger foods but as soon as she sees a bowl her hands go down and her mouth opens(on a good day otherwise lips are firmly closed)
    I laughed when I saw spag bog and the mess on your other post.Perhaps I should just put the bowl on her tray and face the consequences later. We are going to try your cheesy beans tonight and diguise the sausage. Wish me luck!!!!!!!
  • Hiya,

    Charlotte's quite independent and has been for a while. She first started feeding herself shortly after her first birthday. Although she probably wore more than she ate but if i tried to feed her she would kick up a fuss, so since then i've just put her in the high chair and put the food down in front of her and leave her to it. Some mornings after breakfast i would have to bath her before i could get her dressed. She's better now. Jack was similar though. He was almost two before he would feed himself and that was only because i refused to do it. They are all different.

    Good luck with the beans, hope Katelin's licking her lips! x
  • So when you picked Jack up today was he ok?
    Hope he enjoyed his first day.
    Katelin made me out to be a total liar.
    She ate half a sausage then fed herself!!!!!!!!!!!
    Albeit without a spoon(she used her hands)but a good effort never the less.
    And your cheesy beans went down a storm with her,my youngest son and his little friend(who we have home for tea today)so thankyou very much.
  • Your welcome. It's nice when they eat and enjoy it.

    Jack enjoyed his first day. He looked so smart in his uniform and grown up. He's told me he got to play in the playground today and when the whistle went they had to stand still. When I asked him if he managed to do that he said "yes it was easy"! That told me.

    Hope Katelin enjoys some of the other recipes too. Zoe x
  • Thats good,I'm glad he enjoyed his first day.
    Not going too well with my youngest son at school though. He has cried every day since he has been back.
    I even tried bribery. I told him we would walk to the sweet shop and he could choose whatever he wanted if he did'nt cry and it worked right up to when he got to the class room door, then he blubbed.
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