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Thank you Santa!

Just wanted to say thank you to Santa for Daisy's lovely present, looks lovely on our tree image


  • Just gonna hijack ur thread lizzie lol

    Thank you santa for Rhea's dog. She loves it & has been crawling across the room to grab the string to suck on lol. It's lovely thank you xxx
  • Me too, I'm gonna jump on the band wagon and say thank you to santa for Kayleigh-Mae's cheeta.
  • Me 4! Thank you Santa for graces lovely book - she us really info touchy feely things at the moment. Hope all mummies and babies had a lovely day x
  • Thank you Santa for LJ's ducks - his favourite time is bathtime so they have gone down a storm!

    What a fab Christmas!
  • And me! Thank you so much secret Santa for Grace's peek and roll toy! She loves it. As does the dog lol!!!
  • And me! We love the jigsaw - thanks Santa! xxx
  • Thank you Santa for Ethan's lovely sleepsuit and car (which he LOVES!). They finally arrived this morning (not SS's fault I hasten to add but the snow's)

    I should like to apologise to my recipient who won't have had her gift yet - we live in quite a remote village on the side of a mountain and I bought the present the day before the snow hit! We were snowed in for a week and the post van wasn't able to get in to collect parcels - DH has taken your present to work today to post from the city,so you should get it soon. So if you think you've been forgotten, I promise you have not, it's just that my best laid plans were banjaxed by snow! I hope your LO enjoys the present even though it's late, and part of it will be useful for many Christmases to come...
  • MrsS - you've got your old name back! Xx
  • Not intentionally - I still used it on YAYW and logged in there because as of Boxing Day I have another wedding to plan-my sister's! However, it decided to log me out here then log me back in as Setters and I didn't notice. Unamused! I keep the accounts separate for a reason!
  • I am so rude! I am so sure I posted on here at Christmas, but I can't see it :roll:

    Thank you so much for Oliver's 'Squeaking Eggs', they're great and he loves launching across the living room!

    H xxx
  • Santa still hasn't visited Holly-Kate...

    I saw this and only just remembered.
  • That's rubbish! Hope your Santa sees this and gets something sent!!
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