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How are our gorgeous babies doing?

It has been so so quiet on here, I guess everyone has gone back to work. Anyway I thought it would be a good idea to have a cath up with how we are all doing.

Teeth: Finley finally got his first tooth at the weekend image I was beginning to think they would never come but it is there shiny and white and new. I cant stop looking at it. He also has one coming at the top too.

Talking: We have Mama and Dada or Daddy ut he doesnt say them every day. He started saying up but has stopped that now. Other than that we just get lots of babbling and then the odd moment of shock when we think he says Hello.

Crawling/Cruising/Walking: Gone are the days when I can sit and have a cup of tea. I didnt thing Finley would crawl but he started at just before 9 months. He does a kind of one knee one foot crawl, very cute. At 7 months he started walking around holding onto our hands. He is now pulling himself up on EVERYTHING people, animals, doors, cuboards, furniture, toys. He is cruising everywhere and on Sunday went from sitting to standing in the middle of the room with nothing to hold onto image I couldnt beleive my eyes. He stood there for a second or so smiling then just sat back down.

Other: Eating is going really well and he loves his food. He has settled in really well at nursery and seems to really enoy going. His favouite thing to do is wave at anyone who even slightly looks in his direction. He is also a nightmare to get down for naps now. He just pulls himself up to stnding the minute you put him down, grrrrrrrrr.

Sorry I have gone on for ages.

How are everybody elses bundles of joy?



  • Hi hun, sounds like Finlay is doing brill. Growing up so fast!

    Teeth: Leah has 2 top and 2 bottom teeth although she has the whole top set showing under her gums (DH noticed this morning while throwing her round lol). Explains the narkiness!

    Talking: Not a chance of that happening soon. Leah just loves to squel and say "a, a, a, a, a" over and over haha. Not moved onto anotfher letter yet and regardless of everyone saying "mamamama" and "bababa" "dadada" etc she just isnt interested lol

    Crawling/Cruising/Walking: No chance lol. Leah is so lazy but very cute with it (not that im complaining as it makes my life easier!) She rolls constantly to ge where she wants to go but no crawling at all! She moans constantly at the moment if we wont walk with ehr holdiong her hands. She has no balance but i reckon she will skip crawling and go straight to walking.

    Other: Leah loves her food as she always has. Doesnt drink much milk though. I try and mix around 5oz in her cerea and she only has a couple of oz at night and wont touch it during the day. Loves her yoghurts and fruit purees still. I love watching her eat toast and finger foods. She looks so grown up though image She is still sleeping good although I am having a nightmare as she WILL NOT let Nick put her to bed under any circumstances. She sounds like someone is torturing her! Which wouldnt bother me apart from I am worried how we are going to cope when dd2 comes along in june as i want to bf.

    If you hadnt guessed, i had my 20 week scan on monday and new addition is a little girl too x
  • Wow another pink bump, congratulations hun I am so excited for you.

    Leah sounds like she is doing really well. I find it strange watching Finley eat finger food as well. It is like they are turning into little boys and girls now and not just babies any more.

    Finley went through a stage of not letting my husband put him to bed too but thankfully he has grown out of it. I hope Leah does the same for you.
  • great post, everyone is doing so well. Omg 20 weeks already, its amazing how quickly it goes image

    Teeth : Lara had the bottom 2 come through at about 7 months, 9 months had the top two either side of the front two come through and now the front two are cutting.

    Talking: We started with mama at about 6 months, now its all dada and baba and she can associate with who she is talking about too, if i ask for baba she goes and gets her dolly image

    Movements: this is one thats been killing me for lara started crawling at 6 months, she can now stand unaided for as long as she wants, from a sitting position and keeps taking tiny little steps but no big or more than one yet.

    Food: Lara eats everything, i try to make sure she has 3 bottles a day but shes eating so much she generally doesnt want She will have whatever we eat on the night time as a finger food. Cant wait for her to start using a

    Last night was toad in the hole, mash and baked beans which are her favourite.

    Had her weighed last week and shes now 16lbs and 4oz. Shes quite short for her age too, but then im only 5 footimage

    Sleeping: This ones easy as she sleeps with us, we dont even own a She goes to bed with me at around 11 pm and will sleep in until about 10am. I know this will cause problems when we do move her into her own bed but thats fine when it comes image (p.s, i did the same with my other 2) I had a really snotty H/V the other day who went on and on about cot death and the bad sides of sleeping with baby, but the way i see it and the things ive heard on here, cot death can happen regardless of whether i sleep with them or not. I'd rather she was sleeping on my arm where i can keep an eye on yes im a very paranoid person image

    So glad everyones coming on great image

    claire xxxxxxx
  • Wow, Claire, Lara seems to want to grow up super fast! I am a little paranoid over finger foods so havent been brave enough to give our meals as finger foods yet although she makes it known that she wants them! x
  • yes, i can imagine having her at 6 going on

    i started her with finger foods from day one, so guess that makes it easier with her now. The only thing she has from a spoon is her cereal and pudding. Although cereal tends to end up everywhere because she wants the

    i think that Lara being my third helps with the paranoia thing, i know she wont choke on foods as ive done it all before. I had my 3 yer old choke on a sweet once and it wasnt pretty, was def the scariest moment of my

    You'll get there and theres no rush image

  • Sounds like everyone is doing really well! They really do grow up so fast. We were told we wouldn't notice it so much with DS2 but we both can't believe it, especially in the last few weeks.

    Teeth: We have the 2 bottom teeth plus 1 top tooth through. 2nd top tooth is nearly there & virtually every other tooth is completely visible through the gum - everyone keeps telling us they'll be through soon too.

    Talking: We get Dada quite frequently & occasionally Mama (mostly when a bit grizzly). Also tries to copy everything his big brother says so we'll randomly get something that sounds like 'proper' words.

    Movement: Desperately trying to walk & wants to be on his feet all the time! Hasn't quite mastered crawling yet but can get to where he wants through combination of rolling, bum shuffling etc.

    Food/Drink: Generally eats whatever we're having, otherwise he won't eat & tries to steal ours or I get told off by his big brother who then tries to share. Not interested in drinking milk & will only really take at bedtime. Is very good with water although when he's had enough he also likes to play with the cup so water sprays everywhere.

    Other: Loves nursery, especially all the attention he gets from the staff & older children. Nearly always a cheeky, happy, smiling little boy who knows his own mind & won't do anything unless he wants to! Loves his big brother & is especially happy when they are playing together.
  • Lovely thread wif! I know what you mean about having a cuppa - I thought life was tough 6 months ago! Jeez, I was naive!


    Teeth: We have a grand total of 7 (4 up top, 3 on the bottom). They seem to have come through in 3 bouts though which means she is cutting two or three at a time so she has been quite poorly. She's been ill for a fortnight now (first viral grastroenteritis and now a cough and cold) and she cut all 4 top ones at the same time! Poor thing - still, gets it out the way quickly (wishful thinking!).

    Talking: We've had some mamas and dadas but not in context! My mum is convinced she's said 'nanna' but we are not! She does quite a cute thing at the moment where you can kind of having a bit of a conversation with her. You ask her a question and she kind of goes 'duh' and nods her head a bit.

    Walking: Nope, none here. Been doing the belly commando style shuffle for a couple of months and seems quite happy with it. She can cover some ground quickly! She's started to pull up her upper body on the coffee table but I think it'll be quite a while until she's upright - it doesn't feel like her legs are anywhere near strong enough yet.

    Food: I tried to be smug and do a bit of a spoon feeding and a bit of BLW. Trouble is, now she eats with her fingers she won't take ANYTHING off a spoon so I have been forced to do just BLW and I'm not really imaginative enough for it! She doesn't eat massive amounts and eats very specifically. So, she'll pick out a tiny bit of broccoli, get it on the end of her finger, inspect it and then finally it goes in - very funny to watch!

    Other: We've got into quite a nice little routine now (I didn't go back to work). We go to one baby group / class each weekday and she is fascinated by the other kids. Loves a bit of music as well - has a real bop to it!

    Love to all,

    K & M x
  • Hello! Nice to read all the catch ups.

    Teeth- we have none - yes none! Grace is teething on and off though. I hope we have some soon!

    Talking - mama, dada , hiya, bye, ta and woof woof ( we do have to dogs)

    Movements etc - she is off ! She took 2 steps the other day, ended on her nose, so I think it's knocked her back a bit. But she is crawling around, walking along the furniture and walks well using her vtech push along walker. She waves hello and bye. Blows kisses and loves putting a phone to her ear and saying hiya.

    Food - she tries everything! Grace is up and down with her milk, has 7oz in the morning, it's hit and miss with the afternoon feed then 6oz of an evening.

    Take care x
  • Aww what a great thread. I love hearing how all our April babies are doing:

    Teeth - We have 8 now!! 4 up the top, his 2 front middle ones and 2 big back teeth. He has been so good with them, has hardly complained at all, even when his cheeks are so red and hot that you could fry an egg on them!!

    Talking - Blake now says Mama, Dada, Nan-nan, and we think he is trying to say hiya! He does this cute thing with his toy phone, where he picks it up and holds it to his ear, then has a 'Conversation' in his own little language, lol

    Movement - Finally started crawling last week, and there is now no stopping him. He is now pulling himself up on EVERYTHING!!! and trying to walk. We had our very first bruise the other day as he got a bit ahead of him self, and headbutted his walker :cry:

    Food - Blake loves his grub!! We have just started to give him what we have at dinner time and he loves it. His favourite is my home made lasagne and garlic bread. Blake loves anything with spices in it. Chilli is a fav of his also!!
  • awwww what a lovely thread.

    Teeth: Rhea has 3 & hopefully 4 in the next few days 1 up, 2 down. The 1st 2 came at around 7 months & the 3rd last week at 10 months. She had a terrible time with them & will have loads of cuddles from us.

    Talking: Rhea is saying baba, mama, dada, hiya & caca. Caca was her first & is after our dog Inca she follows the dog around the house just repeating ca & if she can't see her she looks all around her calling her, it's very sweet.

    Movements: Rhea is crawling very fast, pulling herself up to standing, cruising along the furniture, toys etc. & practically running using her push along walker. We visited her cousins last week & she was trying so hard to let go & chase after them, bless her.

    Food: Everything & the rest, apart from banana's, she must be the only baby in the world who doesn't like them lol. She has 2 bottles a day 6oz.

    Other: Rhea started nursery last week & loves it! I'm back to work on Saturday :cry: My lazy girl sleeps far too much, she goes down at 7pm& that's her until 9.30am unless she's at nursery which is then 7am wake up call which she hates. Then has a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.

    Good to hear how we are all doing
  • Good to hear how everyone is doing!

    Teeth - Daisy has 6 now (4 top and 2 bottom), she got three through in quick succession in January. Touch wood she hasn't really been troubled by them. I think another bottom one might be on the way.

    Talking - We only seem to get dada (repeatedly) - no mama yet! We do think she's said Daisy a couple of times, but probably more my accident than design.

    Movement - She started crawling on the 4th Jan (my first day back at work, boo) and since then there's been no stopping her! If I have a few things to do upstairs, she follows me round which is so funny. She started pulling herself up last week and is on her feet all the time, but not cruising yet. She's always liked being on her feet. Nappy changes or getting her dressed are a real nightmare now though. She flips over all the time, and sometimes I'm literally crawling round the room after her trying to get her tights :lol:

    Food - She's a pretty good eater for the most part. She is ok with lumps and she will eat finger foods quite well, she's not sure about sandwiches though. I think she's just a bit lazy!

    Other - She's in nursery 3 days a week now as I'm back at work, and seems to be settling in ok. She's had a few illnesses during Jan (cough, vomiting virus, conjunctivitis), but has carried on sleeping through which is good news. Generally she's quite chilled although on the go all the time, and she really is a smiler!
  • Just an update. lara took three solid steps tonight image

    Daddy was holding her hand and she didnt realise that he had let
  • Everybody is doing so well, it is so nice to hear from you all. Is it just me that is in complete shock at how quickly time has flown. This time last year we were counting the days until they were born and now we are starting to think about 1st birthdays.

    WOW well done Lara. I dub thee superbaby image
  • its mad isnt it! I am at the same stage now as i was last year and its crazy to think that this time next year ill have 2 at it crawling/walking/eating etc SCARY

    Leah is now eating finger foods just fine! I feel so much more confident with it as she chews and chews lol (although i do have to provide 1 at a time on the tray or she shoves the whole lot in at once!!!

    she is also wlaking with her vtech too! she is still a,little unstable and needs us to walk behind her just incase but its not long until she will be off by herself

    no crawling - think we have completely bypassed that

    and now have 4 teeth! x
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