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Hi i haven't been on here since my dd was afew months old.hope you and your babies are all well. my baby was born in march but i was due April, not sure if any of you will remember me. can't believe how fast the last 10months have gone. My little Isabel-Rose is an angel and i am trying to fight it but i would love to have another baby now. So have any of you got a short age gap between your chidren? I have 4 children with a 3 year gap between each of my older three and 51/2 between my youger two. so not sure how a short gap would be any advice would be lovely



  • cant give you any advice as i am about to learn the hard way lol.

    My dd is 9 months and i am currently 21 weeks pregnant with dd2... verty scared!!!

    Hope you are ok and glad to hear Isabel-Rose is doing wellx
  • Hi - I remember you. I'm a bit like Cozza - DD1 will be 17 months when no2 arrives so the jury is currently out on whether we've got a 'good' age gap or not! I'll find out in September!!!
  • are you finding out the sex hun? when is your scan? x
  • hi just come across your post i gave birth too twin girls and my eldest was only 13 months old my twins are now 14 months old and my eldest is 27 months old now and they all play together with the odd occasional fight and tamtrum lol but i wouldnt want it any other way. hope this helps you
  • We have 20 months between our 2 boys. I don't think any age gap is 'ideal' but we'd always planned to have a smallish gap & it's worked out really well for us.

    They get on really well & have started playing little games together. They adore each other & both get upset if the other one isn't around.

    Just hope it lasts as they get older!!
  • are you finding out the sex hun? when is your scan? x

    Too right! I am far too impatient! Got my 12 week scan on 3rd March so I'm guessing 20 week one will be about beginning of May (jeez, that sounds so far away!!!) x
  • im like that too lol

    it really doesnt sound too far away... im in proper panic mode now. cant get my head around having 2 kids in june OMG!

    any preference? x
  • I know! I can't think about it too much as it completely freaks me out!

    I really don't mind although I do think it would be cool for M to have a sister (I have three brothers). Just think, a few years from now and Leah and her little sis will be getting dressed up and going out together - they'll be the best of friends! x
  • i know yeah. im the same. no sisters and 2 brothers so be nice for Leah to have a sister but will be trying for a boy in a few years i think x
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