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Just thought i would let you all know

So you all know i found out i was pregnant again in feb well i am now 12+4 and had my 12wk scan, i cant believe i am going to have another little one with a 1yr old and a 7yr old am i mad, completely. but am i happy, extremely...LOL

baby twinkle will be due on 13th Oct snd the family are very happy, now i have to start looking for a double duggy...LOL


  • hi and congrats i have a 2 year old and twins who are 17 months old so i know how busy your going to be lol x
  • Congratulations!!
  • Wow jenn, i would say you have your hands full, at least my 7yr old does a lot for herself..LOL though she still needs her mummy bless.

    and thanks for the congrats mummy123 i am very happy and even happier cause i am giving up work this month to be a full time mum so yipee no more work for me.

    i hope all your little ones are happy and healthy xx
  • congrats Twinkle! x
  • Congratulations, glad it is all working out!
  • Awwwww huge congrats!!! Sorry only seeing this now, as I'm hardly ever on here now. How are you feeling?

    Jayne xx
  • Feeling good now. Can't believe I'm 18wks preg with a 1yr old lol. But very excited as we go for our 20wk scan in less than 2wks to fond out if it's a boy or a girl. It's turned out great too as most if my friends are also pregnant so baby club will commence at the end of the year lol
  • Hey Twinkle!

    Congratulations. It's been a while. Glad you're all doing so well.

    I found out I was pregnant in Dec (was happy but shocked!), but unfortunately miscarried at about 10 weeks.

    Just found out that I'm pregnant again though so I need to start looking for a double buggy too! lol.

    If I remember rightly you were at Mayday too?

    Mickos xx
  • Hey mickos

    Yeah I'm at mayday or should I say Croydon university hospital lol change of name doesn't really change much image but going for another homebirth as the homebirth team there are amazing.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy how far alOng are you now?? Also sorry about your loss it's really hard when it happens. How's life with the little one we just found out we are having a girl so now i will have 2 girls and a boy but no more after this image

    When are you due btw ? Keep in touch mickos as it's so quiet in here but I do check xxx
  • Hi Twinkle,

    I think I'm only about 7 weeks at the moment but I should be going for a scan soon to make sure I'm ot further.

    Life is pretty hectic! lol. Little one is getting quite mischievious and has quite a temper but she's good most of the time! Back to work now part time. My eldest is keeping me busy and costing me a fortune in clothes as she doesn't stop growing!!

    I can't believe how quiet it is in here now. I do come and check. When are you due? You must have quite a bump now! lol

    Nice to hear from you. xxx
  • Well how are the pregnancies going? Hope ur both keeping well?

    It's so quiet on here now, think it's because when BE changed a lot where having problems with the site, so a lot of us are on a private page on FB, which you are both more than welcome to come & join.

    I'm pregnant again too, I'm 7 weeks, due 19th Feb.
  • Hey Twinkle, how you doing! I'm actually 10 weeks tomorrow, so I was less far along than I first thought!

    How's your bump getting on?

    Can't believe how quiet it is on BE now! It used to be so busy! xxx
  • Hey Lambchop,

    So far so good with pregnancy! Just feel tired ALL THE TIME!! lol.

    I would join you if I was on facebook but I'm not anymore. Just really don't like it!

    How's your little one? xx
  • Hey,

    Rhea is doing really well, walking, climbing & generally a very happy little girl. She's sleeping right through the night & playing all day. She's saying a few words not many but getting there.
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