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Shouts HELLOOOOO is anyone here

It has got madly quiet in here.

I guess that people are back at work and chasing mad toddlers around so find it hard to come on.

It is so lovely to see some of us are expecting again. Congratulations ladies. I am very jealous. We did start TTC in Nov but had to stop for a while because I started my own business.

Anyway thought it would be nice to have a catch up (if anyone still comes in)

Finley is so big now that it takes my breath away. He no longer walks he just runs everywhere. He loves climbing and we now have to be super careful because if we take our eyes off him for a second he is gone.

We are slowly getting some words. He says Ta, Dog (althogh every animal is dog), Bear (pet dog), duck, mama, dada and hello. He is not very consistant in using them though.

I love watching him play and playing with him. It is so lovely to see him actually playing and using his imagination if you know what I mean.

He loves his food and is now able to feed himself with a spoon and a fork. He does tend to get frustrated because it takes longer though and does give up on it after a while. I am so pleased that he is not at all fussy and eats really well, sure it will change when he goes to school though

Has anyone thought of moving into a proper bed yet? Somebody asked me about this and I hadnt even thought about it. Should I?

I hope everyone else is doing well

It would be lovely to hear from you, it has been too long image


  • Might be an idea to do a before pic too. So above is my big grown up boy and here is him when he was my helpless little baby

    it is nice to compare
  • Heya, i come in here everyday but just browse the forums

    Lara sounda just like Finley, she just goes and goes and

    We have a huge climbing problem at the moment, she thinks she can climb on anything thats close, almost fell into the fishtank the other day as she was smart enough to push a chair over to it while my back was turned!

    We have just got some pet chickens which she adores image

    Started using a spoon a few weeks ago but she gets bored to quickly, so i have to take over.

    Not many words yet, its Ta to everything. Dada is said a huge amount and Mumu when shes

    Oh and she has a strange facination with the washing machine image

    She adores her big brother and sister, for some reason she finds joshuas face very

    With regards to big bed, with Lara i wouldnt as she would be climbing out all the time but she isnt a good sleeper so thats really the reason. Might be worth a try but i dont actually know anyone thats gone into a big bed so young, so have no advice im afraid.

    claire xxxxxx

    The second she was born

    15 months old

  • Claire Lara is simply gorgeous.

    Pmsl at the fish tank. She does sound a lot like Finley. He is always covered in bruises because I turn my back for a second and he has climbed on something and then fallen off :roll:

    It is so lovely to look at the baby and toddler pics together. Your top photo of when Lara was born is stunning.
  • This morning I zipped the enclosure on the trampoline so that she could play whilst I did some gardening. I turn around five minutes later and she had managed to break a hole in the enclosure netting and was nicely climbing out. Lol

    The first pic is lovely, thats thanks to my partner and his great photography

    She has one hell of a temper too.image
  • A lot of people had problems logging on to the site when they changed it so we're all chatting over on Facebook now, why don't you come and join us there? We've got a private BE born in April 2010 mummies group on there.

    I'll try and get some update pics loaded when I download the pics from my holiday last week! Your little ones look so grown up, it's gone really quickly hasn't it!
  • How do I join the facebook group?

    Yes it has gone quickly, mch too quickly for my liking.
  • If you PM me your real name (and let me know what your profile picture looks like!) I'll add you to the group image
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