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Hi ladies we started weaning 10 days ago & up to now been giving porridge, banana & sweet potato. But, I don't no if I'm doing it right, I just think it's a confidence thing. So o was wondering could u let me no how ur days go & what u feed, how much & when & when u give milk & how much? Also, dd has started to wake up in the night which hasn't happened since she was very little. I have put it down to her last feed is 4oz & some food, but think we're changing it so she has a bottle last thing at night.



  • Hi lambchop x

    g.c from BIMay - I haven't started weaning (other than tiny bit of baby rice but I've stopped giving that in the last week and decided to wait) just yet but been looking into it to get a feel for what lies ahead (alot of mess I reckon lol), I did read that for the first few weeks of weaning it's about a baby experiencing textures/taste/spoon and they probably won't eat much so for this period they should continue with the same milk intake as they had before x
  • Hi,

    We started weaning DS2 3 weeks ago & are following pretty much the same plan we used when weaning DS1.

    We started with lunch (about 11.30am) & offer pureed fruit or veg after the usual lunchtime bottle & winding. We are now also offering baby cereal after the morning bottle (about 8am).

    DS2 is now eating about 4 ice cubes of fruit or veg at lunch & a similar quantity of baby cereal for breakfast. We'll be starting to offer tea soon as he's starting to look for food after he's finished his 5 o'clock bottle.

    At the moment he's still taking roughly the same amount of milk as pre-weaning although I expect he will start to drop a bottle once we go up to 3 meals a day.

    So far he's had:

    Carrot, Squash, Parsnip, Apple, Banana, Sweet Potato & various combinations of these.

    Next on the list are potato, pear & pea.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hello - well iv been torn bwnt the usual weaning and blw
    Started giving lo just an Afternoon meal as I'm at work - started off with a week of porridge , then started to give fruits and veg. I was told at the weaning course that u you should give them the same amount of food to the size of yr lo's hand. We have been through most of the fruit and veg now, thu say from 6 months they can have cows milk in cooking, White meat, wheat. So you could introduce cheese, yogarts, too. Your lo should still be at least 18oz of milk a day will being weaned. - so
    I was told but every lo is different. I'm going to start giving 2 meals this week breakfast of toast / fruit / weetabix / porridge & and afternoon meal - this is now going to be something which we are eating for our evening meal - I e Sunday lunch today - she might just play / eat the veg - casserol - but mashed/pur????ed up a little - hope this helps - have a look at my fb pics. X
  • 7 .30 am 8oz milk

    9.30 am fruit puree or some variation of cow and gate baby cereal. He has a pot full of this, not sure how much they hold but it works out to be 6-7 ice cubes worht if that makes sense!!

    12.30 pm 5-6 oz milk

    5.00pm 7 oz milk

    6.00 pm One pot of veg puree

    7.30 pm 9 oz milk

    Some time during the night ..... 5 oz milk

    We have been weaning since 17 weeks. So far he has had pear, banana, apricot , peach, sweet potato, white potato, butternut squash, carrot, peas and broccoli. He has surprised me and has loved absolutely everything, he has always eaten every spoonful I have offered but I'm increasing amouts very slowly as I have read no guideline about quantities anywhere and I would prefer he still got most of his nutrition from milk.

    I'm guessing I will introduce lunch when he has completely devoured larger breakfast and dinner portions ! Greedy little boy.

    Good luck, I think just go with what you think feels best!

    I have heard it can be better to introduce new foods earlier in the day soif baby reacts you have the day to deal with it , and also offer milk before feed as that is more imprtant. I didn't offer food straight after milk though as I didn't want to fill him up to bursting so waited at least an hour. But I am no expert haha

    Have fun

  • I haven't started weaning Grace yet but am thinking about introducing baby rice in the next week or so (she's 5 months on Thursday/22 weeks on friday). I know that if you wean before 6 months you shouldn't decrease the milk intake at all as they need a load of nutriants that the small amount of food they'll take can't provide. After 6 months just decrease gradually based on baby's food intake.
  • Thanks girls,

    Outs is pretty similar, so glad I'm not doing any wrong.

    We have 6oz bottle at 8am then, 4-5 cubes of fruit &/or veg at half 11 with a 6oz bottle & water then a 6oz bottle at 2pm & 4tsps baby porridge & 6oz milk at 5/6pm & a 3oz bottle at 7pm just before bed. Think will start introducing something with 8am feed.

    Just another quick q. I know you can give follow on milk from 6 months, but when do you plan to start it?

  • Can I just ask, has weaning changed DD's sleep? For better or worse! I'm hoping that it might help Benjamin sleep for longer but I know lots of people in the early stages of weaning & quite a few of them have said that their LO's sleep has got worse...x
  • It hasn't changed it really. She still goes down & that's her until about 8am. But, I have noticed that she has started to cry in her sleep a couple of times during the night. We just go in & put out hnd on her chest & she stops. She's not awake when she cries though.

  • OMG Jayne. I am soooooooo jealous r.e. the 'goes down till 8am'. I hope you know how lucky you are ;\) xx
  • Oh yes, when ppl ask us we feel so embarrassed that dd sleeps for 13 hours a night. Still waiting on her waking up one of these nights & I won't be able to function lol
  • Lamb I know how you mean about the waiting game, sprogs sometimes wakes up like that, usually at 5 am and I send daddy - as I'm at work. She usually sleeps from 7 til 7. I think sleeping bags help as all she did before was kick the covers off and wake up cold. Sprogs feeds times are:
    7am 11am 2-3pm then a meal at 4-430 then a feed at 6pm
  • Can I just ask, has weaning changed DD's sleep? For better or worse! I'm hoping that it might help Benjamin sleep for longer but I know lots of people in the early stages of weaning & quite a few of them have said that their LO's sleep has got worse...x

    It has got worse for us! Oliver was sleeping through 7-7 but since we have started weaning he keeps waking in the night (not for food) but just moaning a bit. I can't work out if it is just a coincidence or his teeth are bothering him :\?

    I'm hoping it's just a phase as I'm going back to work soon!

    I'm sure Benjamin will start getting better soon Ruth. It's not that long until he's 6 months so you'll soon know if food will help with his sleep.

    H x
  • Re follow in milk - u was told as long as your lo is okay on their stage if milk not to change it, unless needed. After a year you can give cows milk instead of formula . Sprogs
  • This is 2nd week of weaning and at moment she is having following:
    7am - breast feed
    11am breast feed
    2.30-3 (depending on when wakes from nap) - 7oz milk and 2-3 ice cubes worth of food
    6-6.30pm - 7oz milk
    10.30 - dream feed (usually takes 5-6oz)
    She seems happy and is sleeping through -

    I don't understand when I am supposed to switch to follow on milk but figured I would wait until at least 6 months anyway.
  • Matilda is the same as Oliver! Her sleep has got MUCH worse - she's like a newborn again! Don't know whether it's the food, her teeth, habit now or unsettled-ness because of the move. I know I am shattered though! image
  • Is everyone just giving one type of food per meal? I've moved on from baby rice to purees this week (2nd week of weaning) and she seems to be eating loads. I'm actually testing a few jarred foods at the moment (bad mummy) to get a feel for what she likes before cooking up trays and trays of homemade and they all seem to be a combo of at least 2 veg/fruit plus if I give her say half a jar of carrot she still seems interested so I've been giving her a couple of spoonfuls of fruit as well.

    So far she's having food at lunch and tea time plus 4-5 breast feeds and 1 7oz bottle of formula over 24 hours.

    Does this sound about right?

  • I must admit we've started using pouches as dd seems to be very fussy & it's a good way to see what she likes so I don't pur????e stuff freeze it & find she doesn't like it. We use ella's food she loves it & has just started stage 2, even though it says from 7 months but dd is ready for them.

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