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Did anyone go 1 or 2 weeks early?

Hi i am 36 weeks tomorrow with a girl and everyone and i mean everyone other than the midwife has said they can't see me going another 4 weeks. When i ask why they say i am huge and very low which i am.

I am in so much discomfort it's untrue. My son was 3 days early. Just wondering if anyone went 1 or 2 weeks early and what was their weight and were they ok.

I know from 37 weeks you are term but also scared of having her early. I know i can't go off what other people are saying, but have a feeling myself that i am not going to go until the 4th June.

Thanks Katherine 35 + 6 xx


  • I had my lo 8 days early and she was fine. She weighed 7lbs 5ozs. She's a happy and healthy 6 week old baby with no problems.
    I was quite shocked when I saw her as I was predicted to have a 10lber and she was so dainty.
    Hope the rest of your pg goes smoothly.
    Karen x
  • Hey I had my little girl a week early. I measured correct the whole way through pg & happened to be at mw the day I went into labour. Her head wasn't even engaged but 7 hours later I was in hospital in early labour! Rhea was born weighing 6lb 6oz & is very happy & healthy. 6 weeks on she's 7lb 12oz.

    Good luck in rest of ur pg & hope u aren't feeling to uncomfy.

    Jayne & rhea xx
  • I always measured fine but my bump seemed small compared to other people - Lily arrived at 37+3 so was just term and weighed 5lb 7oz. Although a little small there is absolutely nothing wrong with her! Just relax and see how it goes, babies only come when they're ready image
  • Ryan decided to make his appearance 9 days early at 38+5, he weighed 7lb9oz. My midwife had said the day before she didn't think she'd be seeing me for my next appointment at 40+3 and has since told me she's glad I went early as she was worried he was gonna be a big bubba x
  • My daughter arrived 8 days early and she was absolutely fine, weighing 7lbs 4oz. I did arrive home though to a message on the answerphone from my midwife asking why I'd missed my 38 week appointment with her earlier that morning and asking if I could come in later that afternoon!!!
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