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Irrational Post!!!

Tonight is the first night we've put Lucas to bed in his crib in our room before we've gone up to bed and I'm sat staring at the monitor! Put him down at 8.30 and had to resettle him at 9 cos I hadn't swaddled him properly and his hand was causing him some grief! Feel almost sad that I'm not cuddlng him to sleep, but know it's for the greater good until he settles well by himself, but I miss lookng down and seeing him so comfy and contented on me.

Not helped by the fact I was feeding him in the Mummy's room at Mothercare today and a couple were there with their 2 week old daughter and we got chatting and they told me that 2 nights ago she stopped breathing and they knew cos they have the sensor monitor! They had to give her mouth to mouth until the ambulance arrived. How terrifying! I don't think I'd ever want to let her go and this means I want to check on Lucas every 2 minutes but know I musn't!

Miss my newborn. But love my little smiling Water Baby!

H and LJ 1 month tomorrow!


  • I'm trying to work out when to start putting grace to bed upstairs rather than in her basket downstairs but I don't think I'm quite ready yet!! I know we'll have to take the plunge soon to get her into good habits but I can't believe how quickly we're approaching that stage. I did buy a new baby monitor today (the BT 150 - thanks for the recommendations ladies!) in preparation...
  • I can totally understand that! Daisy finally dropped off in her bouncy chair yesterday afternoon and I was desperate for a nap. I thought it might be better to leave her downstairs as it's quite a bit cooler, so I plugged in the baby monitor and came up to bed.

    Lasted about 2 mins before I went down and brought her up with me! I have left her downstairs whilst I've been in the shower or getting dressed, but somehow didn't like it so much when I was trying to sleep myself
  • Don't get me started on this! Matilda is still in with us but we put her to bed at 7-7.30. We live in a 3 storey house so the lounge is on the same floor as the bedroom (i.e. about 6 steps) AND we have a monitor but I am still in and out checking her (and then cursing myself when I make her stir!).

    In a way I am dreading the night she sleeps through as I know I will wake up panicking that we haven't heard from her! x
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