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How long does your lo feed for (if bfing)?

Hi ladies,

Just wondering how long your lo's tend to feed for at each feed.
Ryans feeding has been all over the shop and apparently he tends to feed for a long time 20-30mins before I take him off. The hv said today to expect him to reduce that time as he becomes more efficient, since she was here he's had 4 short feeds 10-15mins, taken himself off and settled.

Just wondering how long your lo's feed for, not sure if this is him growing up or of he's worn out as he's got s bit of a cold?

Shanee and Ryan 4weeks1day x


  • Hi hun,

    Generally Benjamin feeds for no longer than 15 minutes. Of late it has been short and often - but I think that is because he's all blocked up!

  • Grace used to take the best part of an hour to feed but now it's closer to 5-10 mins per boob which I'm sure is because she's getting more efficient as they still seem to get as full and leaky as ever between feeds.

  • it depends ont he time of day, how tired she is, how hungry she is! just like us with our meals! i have spent over an hour a couple of times as she was falling asleep, waking, continuing etc and there is no taking her off when she's on!!! none of this put a dainty little finger in to break the suction. when you are bfing you just need to check position and attachment is correct, then expect to be sat with baby. have the remote next to you or a good book and dont worry about anything else. it's yours and baby's time
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