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Ok as u no my mum just likes to say things just for the he'll of it & sod ppls feelings. So just thought I'd start a topic up to let vent about her!

So went to visit this morning & showed her pics of the wedding I was bridesmaid for. The comment was 'god jayne u look really fat u really need to loose weight'. Well considering I'm standing beside the bride who's a size 6 & the fact I had had a baby 8 weeks previous, I'm hardly gonna be the skinnieat person.

2nd thing dave was interacting with rhea moving her hands & legs, my mum turned round & said stop teasing her!! I mean wtf!!!!!

Be prepared for updates!!

Jayne xx


  • Omg what a cow.
    Mind you I can sympathise, my dad is a complete arse when it comes to me and my weight. I'm a size 18 (never been smaller than a 16 since puberty, but was never fat) and currently weigh 17st something (i'm 5'10", so don't look that fat) and know that I need to lose weight and i'm trying, but my dad keeps telling me i'm fat and need to lose weight, this coming from a man who weighs 23st + and looks 9 months pg. WTF!!! I've had 4 kids what's his excuse?
    Sorry appear to have added my own rant to yours.
    Karen x
  • Ooh, can't help but add my own...

    I've fought a constant battle with my weight and when at uni piled it on. My Mum called and gave me a new mantra...I'm not hungry...I'm fat. Motivational or what!?????!!

    'Stop teasing' there's a good one!

  • I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has an annoying parent!!! Please feel free to add ur own rants here! It's a good place to rant lol!!
  • Oh thank god it's not just me!!!!

    My mother (who is a size 18-20 and blames her size on the fact that she had a blood transfusion after giving birth to me and so missed the midwife telling her about post natal exercise (34 years ago FFS!!!) despite the fact that she was actually a size 12 til she hit 45/50) is constantly making comments to me about my weight.

    I'm not particularly big (am 5'7 and was a 10-12 pre dd1 and then a 12-14 between pgs and now prob a 14-16 because of my jelly belly!) but I would like to get back to a proper size 12 - mainly as I miss my clothes from back then!! My mum is constantly putting me down and tellimg me i've let myself go and whenever I eat something non healthy she tells me how fattening it is and tut tuts me. This from the woman who can demolish a 6 pack of donuts with my dad in ine sitting and regularly does!!!!!

  • My mum is lush. My MIL however......gah.

    She is obsessed with finding maladies with my kids. On her last visit she banged onandonandonandon about how DS had thrush in his mouth, how I'd 'given it' to him by BF, how DG's sainted and favoured elder brother had it, till I nearly hit her... it was just milk in his mouth after feeding!

    Thinking on it she did a similar rant when DD had nappy rash, she harped on about that being thrush. The woman has yeast issues.
  • I just wanted to say I saw the pics of you and you looked lovely!

    H x
  • awwwww thanks hayley
  • My Mum sadly passed away 3 years ago but would have been fab.

    My MIL on the other hand is doing my head in. If she could have had a grandchild without having to have a daughter in law I think she would. She is constantly making comments about my son, calling him HER baby WTF!! She also likes to point out all of the time how my baby looks nothing like me, but is just like her son (my OH) and I have nothing to do with my baby!! I am so glad of this thread. I could write a book on the comments that my well meaning but extremely irritating MIL has done and said!! Think I might actually be hypersensitive.
    She has even suggested who SHE thinks the godparents to OUR baby should be. We haven't even thought about a christening yet.
    Is it me or is that just down right rude!!
  • Ooh!!! The "our" baby thing from the MIL drives me up the wall too!!!! Takes all my strength not to yell "He's not yours he's ours!!!!"

    Ah, parents and inlaws eh???
  • I was a size 10 pre pregnancy and am a 12 now but working my way back down to a 10. My mum has called me fat all my life and took me to Slimming World at the age of 8. She regularly used to say that I couldn't borrow her clothes in case 'I stretched them'. That was when I was a 10 and she was a go figure. She also used to laugh when my brother sang 'she's so heavy she's my sister' and 'hear the magic hear the roar thunder thighs is here' to the theme tune of Thunder Cats. I guess it's kind of funny but when you've been told all your life you's really hard not have a complex. In fact the only time she told me to put on 'a bit of weight' was when I went down to a size 6 and was addicted to exercising three times a day.

    Moral of the story - take your time - try not to listen to your folks and let's all make sure we don't give our little ones eating disorders!!
  • Tritread, I know exactly how you feel. I was a size 8 when I met my hubby went up to a size 10 & then a size 12 while pregnant. My mum has always said I was 'heavy' so it wasn't a suprise that I devloped a weight issue, dropping down to 5 1/2 stone when I was 16. When I finally admitted to her that I had a problem her response was don't be so silly, u look just right!! It took me a long time to put the weight on & it was only when I met my hubby that I felt confident in my body, but her comments to me the otehr day has just brought it all back, I've tried not to let it get to me, but as u said it's hard to not listen when u've heard the same thing for a lot of your life!! To make things worse after her saying about my weight the weather has been lovely & I've looked out some clothes from my summer wardrobe which all look horrible on me now, caus either they are too small or look weird as my body shape has changed. So now all I can think of is maybe she's right maybe I am fat, I know deep down I'm not, but just little knocks like that just bring back all my insecurities.

    Sorry that turned into a bit of a downer there.

    Jayne xx
  • UPDATED!!!

    Ok the motherism for this week is: I told my mum that we were going out on my birthday this wednesday & that we were going to a launch night of a friend's pub. The reply to this was why are u going out together, who's looking after the baby? Well we're going out together cause we're married & that's what couples do, esp if it's one of their birhdays & Dave's mum is looking after Rhea. She tutted & said it's rediculous that you & Dave are going out & leaving the baby with a stranger!!!! Er, last time I checked Rhea spends at least 2 days a week with my MIL & Rhea sees my mum oh once every 2-3 weeks!! Maybe thta's why my mum became a boring old fart & never ever went out with my dad when we were kids!! I'm a mummy, but I'm also a wife & we need to take time for ourselves!!
  • Just home from my mum's after walking out in a rage!

    Went to the loo & came back into the room to find my stepdad had put a bit of chocolate in DD's mouth & my mum sitting there going oh she really likes it, look she's sucking on it! Told her to never give my daughter food that I haven't tried on her esp solid chocolate, then my stepdad proceeded to give her another bit!!!! Well I grabbed dd & took the chocolate out & left! I mean WTF am I the only person who thinks giving chocolate to a 5 month old baby is just wrong? We only started weaning her wednesday, & she's only had porridge.

    Soooooo angry
  • Oh my God! Jayne you must be fuming! Why why why?????
  • OMG- I would be absolutely furious!
  • Bluddy hell, that's ridiculous!!!
  • I would go mad hun, that's really bad. No wonder you walked out xxxxx
  • Omg!! That is disgraceful! My mum was obscenely keen to give dd1 chocolate when we saw no reason to introduce it to her before we had too but that was after she was fully weaned at least! You must be raging!

    Mind you about a month ago (so when grace was about 16 weeks) I met some colleagues for a drink with both my girls and the mad 60 year old ( so you'd think would know better) receptionist tried to feed grace some of dd1's orange juice from a straw when my back was turned! Some people!
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