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I'm struggling so much today! (Teething)

LO has had such a bad day today. She has pretty much been screaming constantly from about 2pm. I am pulling my hair out! I just don't know what else to do. She's been chewing and gnawing on anything and everything that goes near her mouth (I gave my hands a really good wash then let her rub her gums on my little finger- It is now bruised where she has been chewing so hard!). I have tried Dentinox, Baby Bonjela, Calgel. She's had Calpol and Calprofen. What else can I do?????

She has just cried herself to sleep but will be awake shortly for her bath,feed then bedtime. I feel so guilty saying this but I'll be glad when she's in bed so I can have a break (Bad Mummy!!)

Does anyone have any tips on what helps with your LO?

Kim x


  • awwwwwwwwww kim, I don't know what to say or have any advice other than what you have tried. Poor mummy & baby. Rhea went through this when we were n hols but calpol calmed her down, thankfully after a couple of days she calmed down. I really hope the same for you.

    J xx
  • Have you tried teething powders? We used Ashton & parsons with DS1 & it always seemed to settle him better than anything (although we never had it as bad as it sounds like you are).

    Hope things settle soon.

  • One of my friends made mini-breastmilk lollies to rub on her daughters gums & she found it really soothing (sure you could make formula ones). Hope things improve soon xx
  • Another powder you could try is Nelsons Teetha, it's homeopathic. Personally i'm not sure if it made much difference but it worked wonders for one of my friends. Powders are easier to use than gels though - i'm having much the same problem and am using dentinox/calgel but it's impossible trying to get it onto Zac's gums - his big tongue just comes out and sweeps it all off or spits it out. He will happily suck powders from my finger though and seems to enjoy it. The instructions said to just tip the sachet into his mouth but apart from being really difficult this seemed to choke him.
    I share your pain. I'm giving calpol pretty much every day although usually only one dose when i can't take anymore - does anyone know if it's alright to use it this often?
  • This is us today. Poor Gracie has been beside herself since about 6am apart from 2 short naps after each calpol dose. I can't wait till she cuts the damn things and we have a little respite!!!
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