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How long til..

... cracked nipples heal? Mine are raw and each feed is like torture. DH popped ot mothercare yesterday to buy me breast shells & nipple sheilds. The sheild don't seem to help at all - if anything I think they're making it harder for Grace to latch properly but the shells do seem to be helping a bit although I'm leaking so much milk I'm constanly poutring it everywhere when I bend down!

Anyone else suffering - or out the other side already?


Feebs & Grace 5 days


  • Oh mine are so sore. I bought lansinoh gel & nipple sheilds which have loads. Also, as rhea is now falling off the weight chart thing, we are having to give her formula for some of her feeds to try to get her weight up which is giving my nipples a rest.

    Jayne & rhea 3 & half weeks!
  • Lansinoh works wonders hun, get your GP to prescribe it so you get it free

  • Yeah - I'm in the lansinoh fan club too - just make sure you whack it on after each feed - I missed a couple of times and they quickly became sore!

  • Mine took about 10 days (sorry if that's scary). You could rub a bit of breast milk on them at the end of each feed - it's supposed to be a really good healant.
  • I've got a crack in each nipple and feeding is pretty sore - ask your midwife (if she's still seeing you) for paraffin gauze. They come in big sachets which you can cut into four and then place the gauze over the nipple after the feed. It works really well.

  • I have lansinoh although must admit have not been using it after every feed so will get a bit better at tgat and hope it improves soon - not looking forward to another 4 or 5 days of this if it takes 10 days to heal!! Owwwww! I didn't get this at all with dd1 but didn't appreciate how lucky I was at the time!
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