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This is really silly- yesterday Holly-Kate just wouldn't settle so as a last resort, I opened the window in our bedroom as wide as it would go and then removed all of the pillows and duvet of the bed and led her down on there as there was a really nice breeze (I didn't leave her alone though- I led next to her and did some reading). Anyway she slept for a good 5 hours and still didn't really want to wake up then as she hadn't slept all day.

Anyway, long story short, at night and throughout the day she sleeps in her moses basket but because of the weather she clearly likes more space (and the fact she is getting way to long for her basket now). I have just put her down in her cot and she loves it but I'm in tears! I can't believe how much she has grown already. I know I'm being really silly- I feel so emotional.

No need to reply- I'm just being silly.

Kim & Holly-Kate (5 Weeks & 1 Day)


  • G/C from BIJ.

    James is 18 weeks and still in with me. You're not being silly/ I still don't want to move him. But will do if it becomes the best thing for him to do!

    You're just being a good mummy, and reading what your daughter needs. xx
  • Not silly at all.

    Finley is far to big for his basket now so we are moving him to his room at the weekend. I am dreading it. I know it is the best thing for him. Hubby gets up at 5am and it always wakes Fin up and he also gets annoyed with his arms hitting the side of his basket.

    I am so worried he will be scared on his own which I know is ridiculous, he just seems so small to be on his own.
  • I've kept all my kids in with me til they were 6 months, partly because that's what's recommended and partly because of bfing, if they're in my room I don't have to disturb everyone else when I get up to get them or get out of bed at the mo as lo's crib is right next to me image
    DD1 and DS1 went straight into a cot at birth, DS2 was in a moses basket for a couple of weeks then went into a cotbed and DD2 was in her moses basket til 6 weeks, now she is in a crib.
    DH just goes with what I tell him, he thinks I know best when it comes to our babies :lol:
  • Not a silly post Kim, I am exactly the same. I practically ball at the John Lewis advert where the little girls grows into an old lady, makes me so upset every single time! I am so scared at how quickly time is passing, I just want Benjamin to stay as the beautiful baby that he is now! I know this is daft and that there is loads to look forward to but I just can't help it!

    So you're not the only emotional wreck ;\) xxx
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one!

    Ruth- I cry every time I see the John Lewis Advert too (and when the song comes on the radio). It is scary to think that are little bundles of joy are not going to be little forever. Your right though, we have lots and lots to look forward to!
  • I cry over the John Lewis advert too!!
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