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Help me with my baby monitor!

Hi all,
I've bought my BT150 baby monitor, thank you to all those who recommended it.

The only problem is, it says to insert batteries into the parent charger which I've done, but now I can't get the cover back on. DH has tried too and failed - am I being really daft?!!?!



  • Sorry not got mine out of the box yet. I hate things like that though. I usually get so frustrated I force it and snap something...
  • I remember really struggling with mine but can't remember what I did in the end! I think it just takes a little brute force...

  • Thanks both. We think the cover was faulty and one of the metal bits was facing the wrong way. DH did use brute force in the end and it worked! Bear it in mind Feebs when you come to sorting yours out.

    Thanks xx
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