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REALLY devastated UPDATE again

Sorry o/t but am totally devasted.

My wee dog had been quite poorly & had taken her to vet's a few weeks ago she got given some food to help her as she had a tummy upset.

Since then she got bad again, took her to vet on wednesday & they kept her in for tests, they found her protein was low & white blood cells were high, but after getting some fluid's into her she seemed a little better yesterday & this morning. We were waiting for an x-ray today & got the devasting news that they found 3 masses which shouldn't be there so went straight to surgery to find out more. Managed to remove 2 of them but 3rd one was too dangerous to remove. So waiting to hear if it's cancerous, which the vet has said it's more than likely going to be. Am totally gutted, I love my wee dog to bits & hate to see her so ill. I'm just holding onto the fact that hopefully if it is cancerous that she will be strong enough to have chemo. I just haven't been able to stop crying for days now & just want to go & hold her.

Jayne xx:cry:

Just off phone with vet. She had food yesterday & did a semi solid poo. She's off drip & they are reducing her pain killers today. So monitor her over next 24 hours she may get home tomoz. image

Well we got the worst news possible today Rita has lymphoma (sp) so have been given 3 options
1. Do nothing & she'll live for 4-8 weeks
2. Steroids & she'll live for around 4 months
3. Chemo she'll live for 7-12 months

So any option really ends in the same outcome. Think we've decided to go with option 1 as it's the least painful & the least selfish thing to do. Am completely devastated. But I no it's all for the right reasons.

Jayne xx


Hey ladies,

Well Rita has gone down hill again & the decision has been made to put her to sleep on Wednesday morning image So sad, but I knwo it's for all the right reasons we're doing it & I can't bear it to see her in so much pain. She was our 1st family member & can't believe she won't be here anymore. The house will be so quiet & the postman won't no what's hit him cause the post will never be attacked & flung up the hall & into the kitchen again. We always thought this will be the dog Rhea will grow up with, grabbing onto her fur while pulling herself up crawling along beside rita while she walks. Rita had started to sleep under Rhea's cot at night & that won't happen again.

Just so sad


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  • Sorry g/c but just wanted to send you a massive hug I have two gorgeous furry babies and totally understand how you feel about yours will keep everything crossed for you and your wee dog x x x
  • Aww Jayne. I'm thinking about you chick.

    H xxx
  • Oh Jayne, that's awful for you! I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to mine.

    I've got everything crossed for you for a positive outcome.


  • H hone that's awful. I know exactly how your feeling - you just want to cuddle them and say its going to be ok. Our dog was hospitalised a couple of years ago and was touch and go for a few days and it was kust awful. Luckily she was treatable in te end. I'm really hoping your doggie is going to be as well.

    Thinking of you.

  • Sorry to hear that Jayne, got fingers crossed that it's treatable xx
  • How is she hun?

    H xxx
  • Hey, she's not doing too bad. Went to see her this morning she was very perky. Has stitches from in between her legs up to her rib cage. She had a lump the size of a squash ball removed & a slightly smaller one along with 30cm intestine. The 3rd lump was too dangerous to remove so waiting to hear if they will let her have chemo, but it'll be next week when the tests come back before we know. From looking at her you wouldn't know she had major surgery, she is so perky. Hopefully have her home for a bit next week.

    Thanks for asking!
  • awww Jayne I'm sorry. They become little members of the family don't they. My dog had cancer which she survived twice (they said she wouldnt make it through the first time, let alone the second) and she lived to the grand old age of 21!! Fingers crossed your dog will be ok xx
  • G/c jayne, just sorry to hear this. I've had dogs and cats all my life and I know how they are members of the family and how devasted we've been when something happens. Hope you get some good news about chemo etc xx
  • Ah, the poor little mite xxxx
  • Hopefully her perkiness is a good sign. My gorgeous little cat (who died last year) was told about 4 times that she was on deaths door from the age of 6 or 7. She lived til 11 in the end. One of her close calls was when they found a tumour in her knee that looked cancerous - so bad that the vet considered amputating her leg before the test results - which actually turned out to be benign (luckily wed decided not to take her leg off!). So even though your vet suspects cancer it isn't necessarily the case.

    Am keeping everything crossed for you and your furball!

  • So sorry hun, we always had dogs when I was growing up & that are part of the family - so upsetting when something like this happens. I really really hope that all is well for your lovely doggy xxxxxx
  • g/c but hope your wee pup is doing ok I'm a doggy person too xx
  • Fingers crossed for a lovely homecoming lovely!

  • Brilliant!! Fingers crossed xxx
  • I hope you get her home soon Jayne! xxx
  • Great news! Hope she's home soon! X
  • Sounds positive, fingers crossed x
  • Really hope it all works out ok babe. Pets are such a big part of the family. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you xx
  • I'm in tears for you reading this Jayne...I'm so sorry hon. What a tough decision to make, but for what it's worth I think you've made the right one. My first dog Max had lymphoma and we just enjoyed the last 6 weeks as best we could. He was a loving boy right to the end.

    Hugs for you and Rita

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