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Sorry....way way way way TMI

Cringing as I type but worried so need to ask...not for the faint of heart!

So I just got up to feed Lucas and as I walked across the bedroom felt odd down below. I quickly asked hubby to take LJ and rushed to the loo. When I wiped there was a lot of blood, which there has been for a few days after it slowing down initially, and a big clot...about an inch and a half across and an inch deep...the only clot I've actually felt pass. I now feel really aware that I'm bleeding pretty heavily and just feel a bit tender. I was discharged by the midwife today, and not really sure what I should do...should I call the GP, or is this normal and I should stop worrying?

Brave lady if you read this, hope you weren't eating!



  • Hey hun.

    I no my mw said u may find ur bleeding easing off then returning but it wouldn't be as heavy as before. The clot does sound quite big to me, but every woman is different. I would actually give ur mw a call, I no u've been discharged but if it's something postnatal like that they will come back out to u.

    Hope u feel better soon!!

    Jayne & rhea xx
  • It's probably fine, but I would get it checked out.

    H xx
  • I was told if you pass a clot bigger than the size of a 50p then you need to get checked out. So i'd say see your gp asap.
    Karen x
  • God, I was eating too, strawberry fruit pastilles. THANKS for that image

    I passed clots bigger than that after my miscarriages, and the gynae nurse told me it was a result of blood pooling in the eck of the cervix, clotting, then coming out when I moved. SO if you'd been lain down for a few hours it's probably as simple as that, but if it's worrying you, call the midwife. Discharged or no they will still be able to give you advice. As long as the blood/discharge isn't smelly or anything I'd probably be inclined not to fret but sometimes you just need to be told these things by a professional, so ring!
  • My bleeding has got worse on odd occasions after almost easing completely so I think this is prob normal but its always worth checking it out because of the clot. Xxx
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