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Does anyone elses LO get Hiccups after every feed?

Holly-Kate has her feed, we then wind her and then she get the Hiccups within 15 minutes. They last for quite a while and get really uncomfortable for her which makes her frustrated.

Any tips on avoiding / easing them?


Kim xx


  • Ethan often gets hiccups if he drinks his milk too quickly! I found that holding back a tiny bit of his feed (1/2oz or so) or putting him back to the breast for 5mins after winding him stops the hiccups, it's as if the effort of co-ordinating his drinking makes them go away!
  • Oliver gets them at least once a day. It is when he gulps his milk down quickly.

    I just try keeping him upright or as MrsS says I try giving him more milk which seems to stop them.

    H x
  • Daisy gets them often, but especially at night. She'll drop off ok in my arms but as soon as I put her in her basket they start up and seem to last for ages, which unsettles her. I haven't had much success in getting her to take any more milk.
  • Ryan keeps getting hiccups too, and they often make him spit up, they seem to be more often and worse after a bottle than breast, so think they are caused by him guzzling, will try holding a bit back
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